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VTC : “all the world should be in solidarity” against Uber ! Otherwise… –

As an Uber will not date to the organisers of the strike to the negotiation of the working conditions of drivers, they remain mobilized. At least that is what ensures Sayah Baaroun, a spokesperson for the union Pcs-VTC, one of the organizers of the event against the reservation platform, which began on Thursday. On Saturday, drivers, VTC has put in place a dam filter on the outskirts of Orly airport, preventing their colleagues at non-striking workers access to the terminals, has found an AFP journalist. Has Orly, several VTC driven by drivers non-strikers have been targeted by jets of eggs, or flour, according to the AFP journalist. Protesters, put together, have also ripped off the windshield wipers and kicked your feet in the door of another vehicle. These incidents, however, were not endorsed by all the protesters, some calling on their colleagues in quiet, while dozens of travellers faufilaient between the cars to win to walk the terminals.

the goal of The negotiations is to have “a status, a salaried employee or boss

By mid-afternoon, tens of VTC were stationed on two of the three lanes a few hundred metres from the access to the terminals South and West of the airport. Around 17h, the CRS were gradually raising the dam in the calm. A hundred vehicles were in the procession, left earlier from the porte Maillot, said a source at the airport, according to that “the situation is completely congested” in the direction Paris-Orly. The drivers on strike should remain “up to 20h-21h“, specified to the AFP Sayah Baaroun, a spokesperson for the union PCS-VTC which we do not know the number of members. “And tomorrow we shall all airports,” he said, continuing:

“What we ask for, and the State agrees, it is a date, and a formal appointment with Uber under the tutelage of the State”.

the goal of The negotiations is to have “a status, a salaried employee or boss“, he added, considering that “the ubérisation” society, “this is the casualization total“. Let us recall in this regard that according to a recent survey by the BCG vaccine, two-thirds of the drivers platform partners Uber to be employees of the business capability (rolling under the status of Loti, who will soon be “removed” by the law Grandguillaume), the remainder being self-employed, rolling under the status of VTC. This is not the case of the platform, Marcel, for example, that the proportion of self-employed and therefore VTC is largely the majority. The common point between the two platforms Marcel and Uber being almost at the same time announced the establishment of rounds of discussion with the drivers as early as next January.

platforms are just in the process of discussing with the driver

This is why the respect of the timetable, set to “long date” by the organizations Capa VTC, SCP-VTC and Active VTC, may surprise. Because precisely, the platforms against which they seem to reach out to the drivers in their offering of such meetings. Following a meeting with Uber, the CFDT has also welcomed this initiative, joining other labor organizations to follow suit. We note in passing that the representatives of these formations are not connected to the app Uber for over a year.

in Short. The organizers of the strike have asked to be received by the secretary of State for Transport. And the law firm of Alain Vidalies has listened Friday. Following their exchange, the minister has ordered Uber to receive them, while asking them, of course, suspend their movement. But in a statement Saturday, he lamented “the non-observance of the truce, decided yesterday afternoon with their representatives,” asking them “to put an end to this movement and blockages to disrupt traffic on the public highway”. Alain Vidalies, who is committed to receiving the direction of the platform in the beginning of the week, request in addition to the company’s Uber “to engage in discussions with all trade union organisations as soon as these events will be completed”. announced Uber in a press release Friday evening:

Uber takes immediately contact with all the platforms and associations of drivers and transportation companies to organize the faster an industry round table with all stakeholders, which will take place in the absence of any violence”.

And from Monday, we will block the local Uber

However, Hassan Benbarak, Capa-VTC, complained that Uber has proposed an industry round table with all stakeholders, and not with the only two unions engagement drivers. Hence the continuation of the movement of protest against the tariff policy of the reservation platforms, including Uber, which they considered adverse to the drivers. He has threatened the ile-de-france “serious problems on the airports and train stations“. “And from Monday, we will block the local Uber“, he warned. “It is there to block the colleagues (who are working, editor’s note), they are traitors”, told AFP a striker while another explained to be “there to defend the profession, all the world should be in solidarity“. Considering that the us platform Uber is “making fun” of them and was trying to “save time”, representatives of Unsa-VTC and Capa-VTC have called the drivers and strikers new “blockages” in this day of departure on vacation.

In a statement, Uber called for “easing” while denouncing the “violence” that occurred in the night from Friday to Saturday, referring to passengers “out of force” vehicles, the “sacking” of cars and “physical violence” against drivers, in spite of the truce as promised. The company announced the filing of a complaint and demanded police protection.

Out of control

In the night from Friday to Saturday, a number of incidents involving drivers striking workers led to the detention of six people in Paris. According to Joseph Francis, patron saint of the company of VTC Group Max and president of the association AMT (Alternative Mobility Transport), one of its drivers of 56-year-old was injured while transporting a client on the Grands Boulevards in Paris, in the night from Friday to Saturday. “there were more than twenty drivers VTC that were a dam filter, they have pulled out of his car, beaten and spat upon”. He was hospitalized, but “it will be able to go out all the time to join the family,” said Joseph Francis of The Tribune.

the head of The company spoke on Thursday, the climate of fear that reigned over its drivers. Thus, he explained to The Tribune that some do not dare not work for fear of threats on the part of a “belonged to a minority of particularly violent“. Also, he asks today that the government “take its responsibilities” and “request the public prosecutor of Paris to take charge of this situation which cannot last to avoid the worst“. Appeasement seems, alas, not yet on the agenda are to believe Sayah Baaroun. It has provided the AFP have tried to “calm the troops” but “as long as we do not have to date, it’s going to be out of control”, he warned.

In a video circulating on social networks such as Twitter, Sayah Baaroun of Scp-VTC and Helmi Mamlouk Capa VTC talk about their “strategy”. They are considering including “the sequester management (Uber, editor’s note)”. “can you Imagine the buzz“, says Helmi Mamlouk. About Sayah Baaroun, it also prevents : “it is not the Air France guys, it’s not Goodyear, it’s not going to snatch just a shirt, unfortunately,”.


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