Friday, December 30, 2016

New York – Wall Street ended a good year on a small quack – The Express

According to the final results, the index featured Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 57,18 points to 19.762,60 points and the Nasdaq, to dominant technological 48,97 points to 5.383,12 points. the expanded index S&P 500 has conceded 10,43 points, or 0,46%, 2.238,83 points.

major indexes retreated with low volumes for the last day of the year“, commented the analysts of Wells Fargo bank in a note.

As most of the assets, which have grown year-on-year, the New York stock Exchange was the victim Friday of a few profit taking.

The market drift, simply,” said Peter Cardillo, chief economist of First Standard Financial.

many investors have preferred to stay on the key before an extended weekend, the place new york is closed on Monday in lieu of new year’s day which this year falls on a Sunday.

What is happening today (Friday) is not indicative of a change in trend,” said Peter Cardillo, recalling that Wall Street had chalked up to “remarkable gains this year.”

About the year 2016, the Dow Jones has advanced to 13,42%, the Nasdaq 7.50% and the S&P 500 to 9,54%. This is the largest increase in the Dow Jones since 2013 after a decline in 2015.

The New York stock Exchange has experienced a second wind after the election of the republican Donald Trump in November in the hope of an acceleration in u.s. economic growth, thanks to its promises of tax cuts, infrastructure spending and reducing regulations on companies, particularly in the sectors of finance and energy.

A part of the movement on Friday can be explained by adjustments of portfolios, the traditional end of the year and could be more pronounced after the sharp rise in markets over the last two months.

Some of the portfolios must maintain a share determined for each class of assets and as the shares have mounted a lot, managers should separate a part of their titles so that they do not have too much weight.

the Only publication noticeable to the agenda on Friday, the economic activity in the region of Chicago was thought less rapidly in December, according to index local ISM published in the beginning of the session.

- Nvidia relapse –

Among the values, the pharmaceutical company Mylan has made 2,06% 38,15 dollars after having announced the launch of a generic version of the treatment of disorders of attention and hyperactivity, Concerta laboratory Johnson & Johnson (-0,24% 115,21 dollars).

The chain-of-goods stores, hunting and fishing, cabela’s has dropped from 5.07% to 58,55 dollars. The group announced that it had been the subject of requests for clarification from the regulator in the u.s. on its merger with its competitor, Bass Pro Shops (not rated).

The manufacturer of semiconductor and Nvidia, whose value has tripled this year and whose seesaw movement has been especially marked this week, he has relapsed and lost 4,21% 106,74 dollars.

In the oil sector, Gulfport Energy has lost 0,78% 21,64 dollars after the announcement of changes within its management.

The bond market rode a little. To 20H40 GMT, the yield on Treasury bonds to 10 years decreased with 2,445%, compared to 2,473% Thursday evening, and that bills to 30 years very slightly to 3,067%, compared to 3,077% previously.



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