Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Amazon has broken the house down at Christmas – Challenges.fr

Two days after Christmas, the time is already in the balance sheet for Amazon. A great unpacking on the items sold, which takes the form of a demonstration of strength. The festive period started on the 25th of November, with Black Friday, to finish the 25 December. “More than a billion products have been shipped worldwide by the warehouses of Amazon during the holidays,” says the american giant, stating that the fastest delivery has been performed only… 13 minutes after the command in Redondo Beach, California.

36 toys ordered per second on a smartphone

Amazon also confirms that the m-commerce imposes in his model now. So, during the holidays, more than 72% of customers used a mobile device (smartphone, tablet…) to place their orders. On the 28th of November, when Cyber Monday, indicate the group of Jeff Bezos, these consumers purchased 46 high-tech products per second and 36 toys per second through the world. To keep pace, some 200 000 employees and seasonal workers have been mobilized during this period. And 45 000 robots working day and night in a twenty warehouses to automate the logistics. In the larger, as that of Poznan in Poland, more than a million of packages have been sent in a day.

mixers, diamonds and watches galore

This review is also an opportunity for Amazon to demonstrate the power of its business model, which includes an offer of services and entertainment. Such as its Prime membership Now allows to be delivered in one or two hours. “The 23 December, the members of Prime Now have ordered three times more items than last year,” the statement said. And detail, radius by radius, the best-sellers of the year-end holiday season. Thus, 2.5 million watches were sold – or one every 1.5 second, 10.451 carats of diamonds, but also enough mixers KitchenAid to make $ 7.5 million of revenue in the same time, and robots spherical BB-8 Star Wars to do two times around the earth before the batteries are depleted.

millions Of pregnant Echo purchased

The system Amazon, they are also the speakers Echo and Echo Dot coupled to the voice assistant Alexa. This service is offered in the United States, is available since the end of September in the United Kingdom and Germany. So it should arrive soon in France. This speaker is cylindrical can address any sort of issues as the weather, the information of the day, the spelling of a word, the recipe for a cocktail or a dish, but also to remotely control some devices such as… the garlands of the Christmas tree, start a playlist of music, and of course order it on Amazon. According to the group of Seattle, the sales of items of the range Echo have been multiplied by nine this year, and millions of speakers equipped with Alexa have been purchased. Thanks to this, Amazon is able to know much more than the current purchases of its customers. He knows what are their favorite recipes, their favorite songs in each city, their movies or their games and even those that have the more g ave the order : “Alexa, turn on the tinsel” !

The cynicism tax to Amazon denounced by Sarenza

This steamroller, which puts the customer satisfaction at the heart of its business model, growing concerns over its competitors. In France, the big names in the trade have begun to innovate in order to take back the quarter of an hour ahead that the large-scale distribution, including Carrefour, claimed to have in this sector. For the moment, they are mostly interested in not having to separate by the american giant, fortunately, still a bit present in the food. But some denounce his aggressive methods to gain market share and cynicism in tax matters. Thus, the operator of Sarenza, took the pen last week in The Obs to call for a boycott of the site. “The problem is his lack of citizenship for tax purposes, which hides behind a deliberate strategy and sophisticated minimisation of profits in France via different mechanisms, writes Stéphane Treppoz. The creativity of the tax, Amazon is no limit as to pay less tax : location of the entity billing when it is possible in countries with reduced taxation levels, such as Luxembourg, the payment of royalties where it is advantageous, disguised subsidies between activities.” In the absence of a european response, the presidential candidates should look seriously on the subject. Because the happiness of the consumers also can make the woe of the workers. And the anger of the voters.


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