Monday, December 26, 2016

Tourcoing: a cashier in Auchan request an investigation of the HSC after a miscarriage – BFMTV.COM

A cashier at a supermarket Auchan City in Tourcoing (Nord) has asked the Committee of hygiene and security of the company (HSC) to conduct an investigation after her miscarriage to her place of work, a request which the local union CGT has brought this on Monday its support.

“When the cashier announced to his manager that she was pregnant, there has been no consideration of this change. On several occasions, it came up with its officials on pain, but there is no one who reacted,” lamented Habib Hamdoud, a trade union delegate CGT at Auchan City, during a press conference at the Union local of the Town.

“Violent pain” in the stomach

On November 22, this 23-year old woman, who is in contract of professionalisation in this store since November 1st, has experienced “severe pain” in the abdomen.

“I warned my managers, I asked several times to go to the toilet, but nobody has helped me. I continued to work, but at one point, I couldn’t, so I took the decision to close the case”, said the cashier while three months pregnant.

“When I woke up, I saw that my seat was armored in blood”, and then “I went to the toilet, I was a faucet of blood. It is a fireman (called by the security editor’s NOTE) who picked up the fetus fell into the bowl,” says the employee who is currently off work due to sickness.

On November 22, “as soon as his superiors had been informed about the problem encountered by the hostess, she has alerted the emergency services and the air hostess was taken care of promptly,” assured the company in a press release, stating that the employee had not requested to be paused.

A complaint announced

In a letter addressed to the management of Auchan City, dated December 20, and which AFP has obtained a copy, the cashier writes have been “bruised” by “this obvious lack of empathy and compassion” of his leadership. She asks him to fill out “proof of work accident” and to “regularize” his payslip for the month of November, stating “a week of actual work” to him was deducted from his salary.

“all amounts owed have been paid” and Auchan, n’”received stop notice disease and the notice of accident working that late. As soon as we have received, we have dealt with the subject,” replied the executive officer.

“A complaint should be filed in the coming days,” the cashier said to Me, Ioannis Kappopoulos, the lawyer for the CGT.

In this same supermarket, a cashier had been dismissed in July, according to the CGT, “a prejudice of 85 euro cents”, then eventually reinstated.

“last August, we (the CGT) had asked the management to improve the conditions of work in this store. It was expected that things change, but we realize that the methods continue to exist, perhaps for revenge,” said Samuel Meegens, at the head of the UL CGT, joined by phone. Many cases of bullying, humiliation, employees swarthy treated macaques.”


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