Saturday, February 11, 2017

France remains the first tourist destination in the world, despite a decrease in the number in 2016 – The World

Between 82,5 and 83 million foreign tourists visited France last year, announced Jean-Marc Ayrault. Estimates decrease compared to the record high of 85 million recorded in 2015.

The Eiffel tower at the launch of the campaign for the olympics 2024 in Paris, on 3 February.

According to estimates, between at 82.5 and 83 million foreign tourists visited France in 2016, said on Friday 10 February, the minister of foreign affairs, Jean-Marc Ayrault. A decrease in the number from the previous record of $ 85 million saved in 2015, but that maintain the country to the rank of first world tourist destination.

For Mr. Ayrault, ” 2016 is going to stay a year apart, because of the terrorist attacks, inclement weather, and social movements “. the ” The destination France has suffered, “ but the first estimates on the number of foreign visitors – who come from the Directorate-general for enterprise and the Bank of France – to ensure pre-empt, as in 2015, the United States and Spain in terms of tourist numbers, he said.

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Videosurveillance and home

The minister also commended the efforts made by the government and professionals to improve the image of the French tourism abroad, including a ” promotion plan “ target of 10 million euros. Many of the cancellations from japanese tourists had been recorded after the attacks that had hit France, but there is now a massive return of the customer in japanese with ” of airline reservations, an increase of 60 % to Paris for the first quarter of 2017 “, has supported Mr Ayrault.

so far, ” a great site remains to be done to ensure France remains a global destination “, has noted the minister, now the government’s objective of reaching the symbolic threshold of ” 100 million tourists by 2020 “. the ” beyond emergency measures “, such as video surveillance, to ensure the safety of foreign tourists on the territory, ” we need to act on home, the quality, readability, “, has added the head of the diplomacy, saying that ” the new offer to be put in place is not necessarily the top of the range “.

The final number of tourists who visited France in 2016 should be unveiled in march by the national Institute of statistics and economic studies (INSEE).

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