Friday, February 3, 2017

Snap aims for an ipo in the month of march, Le Figaro

VIDEO – home mother of Snapchat, the app very popular with teens, is planning to raise 3 to 4 billion dollars.


Snap Inc. preparing for the largest ipo in the world of technology from that of Alibaba in 2014. The house mother of Snapchat is obliged for the first time to lift the veil on his finances in order to attract investors. We learn on this occasion that the company behind Snapchat, an app popular with young people to exchange photographs, often retouched in a fun way, loses a lot of money but is experiencing a rapid growth. The operation scheduled for the next month if market conditions allow, is a highly anticipated event. Known for its yellow logo to the profile of a ghost, Snap promises to be the first large company to be very coveted to be rate this year. Uber and Airbnb could follow in the wake.

All three have in recent years raised a lot of money with private funds. They are now looking forward to achieve great gains in a stock exchange climate, optimistic, marked by the many records of the Nasdaq in recent weeks. Established in Venice, california, near Los Angeles, Snap was founded in 2011 by three students of Stanford university. One of them, Evan Spiegel, boss of the company, announces its intention to raise 3 to 4 billion dollars in doing so scored his company on the New York Stock Exchange in the hope of obtaining a valuation of the order of us $ 25 billion.

The transaction will have the characteristic of cover of non-voting shares so that the founder of Snap Inc. remain in control of their business. It is recalled that in 2013 Facebook had tried in vain to acquire Snap Inc. for $ 3 billion. At the time, Evan Spiegel refused the offer, convinced that he could better develop his company a few years later. A valuation of $ 25 billion would be considerable insofar as the social network, a competitor of WhatsApp and Instagram, two properties of Facebook, has lost $ 515 million in 2016 on revenues of only $ 404 million dollars. In 2015 the losses of Snap had reached $ 382 million for a turnover of only $ 59 million.

The main argument of Snap is its ability to grow on a niche that is difficult to capture: that of the teens who grow up for the first without the tv. Snap already has 158 million users, or 48% more than at the end of the year 2015. The company still has only 1859 employees, also sells equipment to individuals as his “Shows”, glasses with built-in camera designed to shoot short sequences. But as for the other social networks, the bulk of its revenue comes from targeted advertising, visible at the sides of the messages, photos and video clips that its users share. During its brief existence, Snap Inc. has already lifted 2, 4 billion dollars. In may 2016, during the last round of financing with the confidence of its shareholders for the first time, such as Benchmark Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners, it had been valued at 17, 8 billion.


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