Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tsipras called on the IMF and Schaüble to stop “playing with fire” – The Express

Opening a meeting of his party, the Syriza left, the Prime minister, however, said confident that in the end, an agreement will be reached between Greece and its creditors, following a meeting in Brussels concluded without a breakthrough.

It has conditioned a return to Athens of the representatives of the creditors to a change of direction of the IMF: “We look forward to the more soon as possible, as the IMF revises its forecasts (…) so that discussions can continue at the technical level“, he started.

He also specifically called upon the German chancellor, Angela Merkel “to encourage his Finance minister to put an end to his aggression permanently” towards Greece.

Mr Tsipras, speaking after a Brussels meeting aimed to revive the negotiations for the maintenance of the highly indebted country on financial aid, so that the fear of a new Greek debt crisis is fueled by months of disagreements between the euro area and the IMF.

This meeting has not achieved progress, the IMF is insisting on clarification pessimistic of the Greek economy.

The Fund accordingly calls for a substantial reduction of the debt of the country, excluded by Berlin, and additional measures of austerity measures, denied by Athens, to keep the ambitious objectives of budgetary surplus assigned to the country by its lenders european.


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