Friday, February 10, 2017

France-job creation from the private to the highest since 2007 – Boursorama


 (Updated with the figures of the terms and conditions of employment) PARIS, feb 10 (Reuters) - wage employment in The tradable sectors to non-agricultural has increased by 0.4% in the fourth quarter in France and shows an increase of 1.2% over the whole of the year 2016, the highest for nine years in both cases, according to the "flash" estimate published Friday by Insee. In total, the number of jobs created reached 62.200 in the fourth quarter, the highest level since the first quarter of 2007, and it amounted to 191.700 positions on the year, an unprecedented number since 2007. Creations net job in the private sector are in the green for seven consecutive quarters, underlines the Insee. They have further accelerated in the fourth quarter compared to the previous quarter, while the institute has reviewed a slight rise in the observed increase over the period, 52.400 against 52.200 the first estimate. In the fourth quarter, employment went slightly down in the construction sect   or (down by 0.1%, 1.900 positions destroyed), while it was stabilized in the fall after being destructive of posts since the spring of 2012. It continued to decline at the same rate in the industry (-0,2%, with 4.700 jobs destroyed), that has not been in a situation of net job creation since the beginning of 2001. By contrast, employment in the tertiary sector as a whole has continued to grow in the fourth quarter, posting an increase of 0.6%, 68.800 jobs created, after +0.5% in the third quarter, up 6.0% (after +5.3 per cent) in the only sector of the acting. Outside of acting, employment in the tertiary sector rose 0.3% (+31.600) on the quarter and 1.4% year on year (+151.300). The Dares (Directorate for studies and statistics of the ministry of Labour) has stated in a separate press release that the index of the basic monthly salary (SMB) had risen by 0.1% in the last quarter of 2016 and 1.2% year on year. The index of the hourly wage base of workers and employees (SHBOE) recorde   d an increase comparable quarter and a slightly lower, 1.1%, year on year. In comparison, the annual inflation rate (excluding tobacco) amounted to 0.6% over the twelve months to the end of December. Detailed statistics on the Insee website : Data of the Dares: indicators French real-time ECONFR indicators of the euro area in real-time ECONEZ The point on the French economy ECO/EN (Myriam Rivet, edited by Wilfrid Exbrayat and China Labbé) 

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