Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Paris Bourse ends higher, Le Figaro

The Paris Bourse rebounded on Wednesday (+0,96%) on the occasion of a meeting rich in indicators u.s., investors remain waiting for the verdict of the first meeting of the year of the u.s. central bank.

The CAC 40 index took 45,68 points to 4.794,58 points, in a trade volume moderate to 3.3 billion euros. The day before, the paris market was down 0.75%.

Among the other european stock markets, London has nibbled 0.12 per cent while Frankfurt rose 1.08%. Furthermore, the Eurostoxx 50 was taken at 0.87%.

odds paris started on a rebound, continuing his progression throughout the session before returning to near the levels of the opening. The boot is in the green at the New York stock Exchange has supported this trend.

“The movement is more like a bounce in a correction phase as a change of trend,” notes from the AFP Alexandre Baradez, an analyst at IG France.

investors have had a hard time with many indicators americans “who are good”, he adds.

The creations of jobs in the private sector surged in January to the United States, surprising analysts, while activity in the manufacturing sector accelerated more than expected in January.

in the short term, the market may be telling that “these statistics will push the Fed to raise rates,” Mr. Baradez.

investors are stayed, pending the outcome of the first meeting of the year of the Fed, the verdict of which will be published in the evening.

The meeting, however, is not followed by a press conference of the president of the monetary institution Janet Yellen.

“If no motion is expected to be announced on the rates this are, of course, the comments about the first steps in the policy of president Donald Trump, which will need to be monitored very closely,” noted the experts of Mirabaud Securities in Geneva.

markets remain also attentive to the announcements of the new us president, in the grip of a certain “mistrust”, according to Mr. Baradez, just as vis-à-vis the “political risk” in Europe.

On the basis of values, of the securities related to the automotive sector are appreciated as Peugeot (+1,77% to 17,51€), Renault (+1.88 per cent at 84,95 euros), Michelin (+3,09% than 102.45 euros), Faurecia (+1,77% 40,89€) and Valeo (+1.65% to 57,45€).

The automotive market of france has started the year 2017 to a jump of 10.6%, helped by a month of January with two additional working days compared to 2016.

Sanofi has won 1,73% 75,78 euros, supported by the green light from the health authority canadian sarilumab, a strategic product, developed by Sanofi and its u.s. partner, Regeneron, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Bouygues has benefited (+2.35% to 34,45€) of the conclusion of an agreement with the Spanish company Cellnex on the use of 3,000 telecom sites in France. In addition, the Société du Grand Paris has awarded to a consortium of companies led by Bouygues Travaux Publics (TP) a contract of 968 million euros.

Elior Group has taken 0,68% to 20,84 euros after it announced the purchase, via its subsidiary Elior North America, the company’s Corporate Leaders, based in Massachusetts.

EDF has also appreciated (+0,68% 9,18 euros), supported by the completion of the sale of the entire share capital of its Hungarian subsidiary, Demasz, to the public enterprise ENKSZ, controlled by the Hungarian State.

Wendel has made 0,23% 109,75 € after having finalised the acquisition of 65% of the capital of the south african company Tsebo for 159 million euros.

Group Crit has been sustained (+1.72% to 74.98 h€) turnover 2016 up 10.3% to $ 2.14 billion euros.

Quantel has released for its share 12,17% to 3.03 euros after having anticipated a decline in its results.


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