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A record of exports of alcohols French in 2016 – The World

the success of The cognac has pulled the sales of wines and spirits hexagonal. The trade surplus of the sector reached 10.5 billion euros.

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Remy Martin displays a growth of 11.2 %, over the last nine months of 2016.

If the trade balance in france has deteriorated in 2016, the sales of wines and spirits not of this counter-performance. Quite to the contrary. Even if the increase is limited to 1.2% compared to 2015, they were signed to a new record high at 11.9 billion euros. The same for the trade surplus, which reached 10.5 billion euros, up 1 %, according to figures released on Thursday 9 February by the Federation of exporters of wines and spirits of France (FEVS).

” It is a good performance, which is wines and spirits the second largest contributor to the trade surplus of France behind the aerospace, down 16 %. And in front of the cosmetics, which increased by 2 % “, ” says Christophe Navarre, president of the FEVS. A result that owes much to the excellent performance of the cognac.

” brown Spirits in effervescence “

indeed, in the Charente, the year 2016 is also qualified historic. Nearly 179 million bottles of the precious water of life ‘ have been sold. Mostly out of France. Because the cognac has still not managed to renew with the French consumers. They bought that 4 million bottles, a figure which is down compared to 2015. Unlike the Americans, who pays lip service to this alcohol and fuel its growth. The number of bottles that have passed across the Atlantic jumped by 14 %, what to consolidate first place the cognac market.

” This category of brown spirits is in effervescence in the United States “, ” says Alexandre Ricard, CEO of the group Pernod Ricard. To seduce the Americans, the second world group of spirits has just marketed a new variation of its mark Martell, Martell Blue Swift. This is not, strictly speaking, the cognac, but an eau-de-vie made from wine aged in bourbon barrels. Other good news : a stabilization of sales in Asia and a return to normal in China, after the air hole that shook the market for three years.

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A favorable context for the benefit of the great names of cognac : LVMH, with its brand Hennessy ; Pernod Ricard with its flagship Martell ; and Rémy Cointreau, with its iconic Rémy Martin. In the second half of 2016, the sales of Martell have risen by 7 %. And Rémy Martin shows, for its part, a growth of 11.2 %, over the last nine months of 2016.

the Wines of bordeaux remain in pole position

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Overall, according to the FEVS, exports of cognac have weighed 2.77 billion euros in 2016, an increase of 6.5 %. What grilling, for this vintage, the politeness champagne, another great figure of the alcohols French. Shipments of bubbles are in slight shrinkage of 2.5 %, for a total of 2.625 billion euros. the ” This decline is linked to the uk market. Following the vote in favour of the Brexit, the uk pound sterling has dropped, and signs were delivered to a price war, “, ” said Mr. Navarre.

The wines of appellation of controlled origin (AOC), strong point of France, which promotes the best use of its land, consolidate their position. The amount of exports reached 3,811 billion euros, a slight increase of 0.7 %, despite a volume that is eroding 0.5 %. The wines of bordeaux remain in pole position, with a total of 1.77 billion euros, although down 2.9 %. They are followed by the prestigious burgundy region, up 4.4 %, to 782 million euros. Has emphasized, the bond of 28 % of exports of wines of Provence, to 169 million euros.

Cognac, champagne and French wines have for the first destination the United States

Cognac, champagne and French wines is, therefore, to the first destination the United States. In 2016, the Americans, aided, it is true, by a parity euro-dollar supportive, have spent 2.8 billion euros, or 8% more than in 2015. This represents almost a quarter of total exports.

The Uk remains in second position, but purchases are falling, the pound sterling flageolante requires.

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” chinese Market ” standard

The China, who completed the podium, confirms a return to better fortune. The sale of liquor French grew 12.7 %, to 938 million euros. the ” We are witnessing a normalization of the chinese market, with a recovery in demand, but there will be no return to the levels reached prior to the decision by the government of Beijing of the anti-ostentation “, said Mr. Navarre.

the president of the FEVS remains cautious for 2017, even though the exporters will, he says, ” market quality vintages “. He continues to argue for ” increased [their] production capacity “. It considers that ” and French wine and spirits suffer from a structural deficit availability to meet the demands of consumers.”

A very touchy subject between traders and growers. The attribution of new planting rights of vineyards in Europe, and in France, since January 2016 has thrown the disorder in the Charente-Maritime.

The union of Young Farmers has denounced the purchase of planting rights in vineyards in crisis outside of the zone of appellation of cognac, to produce, in fine, the famous eau-de-vie. The success of the cognac, the envy…

Pernod Ricard worn by the dynamics of the u.s.

According to the half-year figures (July to December 2016) published on Thursday 9 February, Pernod Ricard has seen its turnover internal progress of 4% to 5.06 billion euros. The operating income changes at the same pace. The second group in the world of spirits takes advantage of the dynamic american. In the United States, its largest market, its sales to increase by 5 % thanks to the success of his whiskey Jameson and his cognac Martell, two brands with Perrier-Jouët are the locomotives of the group. Pernod Ricard is benefiting from the rebound in sales in China and, despite the sharp deceleration in the indian market, confirms its annual objectives.


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