Friday, February 3, 2017

Elections in the TPE : the CGT declined but remains at the top of The World

The UNSA achieves a breakthrough, after the election, organised in very small enterprises, marked by an abstention record, of more than 92 %.

The CGT remains the union’s number one among employees of very small enterprises (VSES), but its position is eroding, as are those of the CFDT and the FO, while the UNSA achieves a breakthrough. Such is the verdict of the elections in the TPE, the results of which were announced on Friday 3 February, by the ministry of labour.

The central of Philippe Martinez scores 25,12 % of the votes, or 4.4 percentage points less compared to the election of 2012. Then come the CFDT, with 15,49 % (- 3,77), and FO is credited with 13,01 % of the vote (2,2). UNSA close on the heels of the organization headed by Jean-Claude Mailly with 12,49 % of the vote, an increase of 5.14 points. A lovely performance as its secretary-general, Luc Bérille, be attributed to two factors : the campaign ” dynamic “ that the UNSA-drive and the support it provides to the employees of the TPE. The CFTC is ranked fifth (7,44 % of the votes, an increase of almost a point), to Solidarity (3.5% and 1.25 points less). Six other organizations shared the remaining votes, among which the CNT and the Unions antiprécarité (SAP).

” there is really no political significance to this vote, writes Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT. the Those who were against the law work have fallen. We that the support have decreased also. “ the Twelve organizations were in the running, compared with nine in 2012, which has contributed to spreading the expression of the vote, at the expense of several confederations.

Participation of 7.35 %

unsurprisingly, the turnout was extremely low : 7,35 %, three percentage points less than in 2012. The fact that the consultation was initially planned at the end of November and beginning of December 2016, has been pushed back several weeks and it starts during the period of the Christmas vacation, no doubt fed this abstention record. the ” This raises questions about the very nature of the ballot that is clearly at odds with the employees concerned,, ” explains Dominique Andolfatto, professor of political science at the university of Burgundy. the It was laminated on TPE an electoral model that they do not want or that do not interest them. Social democracy imposed from the top does not work. “

therefore, he asked, ” can we still speak of the representative trade unions “, due to the small number of votes that they have harvested ? The question also arises as to the joint committees regional inter-branch (CPRI), which will be put in place next summer and that the union representatives are appointed on the basis of this election : ” What is their legitimacy ? They were supposed to offer a concrete issue in this election and encourage participation. “ The CPRI have the task to inform the employees of the TPE and intervene, if necessary, in the resolution of disputes.

The results released Friday will be added to those of the professional elections in companies with at least 11 employees, which took place between early 2013 and end of 2016. Once placed end to end, they will determine, at the end of march, the representative trade unions at national level and intersectoral, as well as in hundreds of branches. The CFDT hopes to delight in the SGC instead of a number.


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