Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The diesel drops under the symbolic threshold of 50% in France –

The share of diesel cars in registration of new cars fell to 47.9% in France in January, thus returning to its level of the year 2000, indicated Wednesday the 1st of February the Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA). This passage under the symbolic threshold of 50% takes place in the wake of a year 2016, at which 52.1% of buyers have even opted for a passenger car diesel. It is inscribed in the continuity of the erosion that has occurred since 2012, when the share of diesel still stood at 73%.

The phenomenon takes place against the backdrop of studies with regard to the harmfulness of emissions, scandal on engines rigged at Volkswagen and tight standards and taxes, making this fuel less attractive for the small wheelers. The diesel fuel has seen its price rise by about 4 cents at the pump on the 1st January, under the effect of an increase of the fuel tax (TICPE) and the climate-energy contribution, without forgetting the VAT. Petrol has increased because the TICPE fell on the fuel.

In addition, companies will be able to eventually deduct 80% of the VAT applied on the gasoline, as is currently the case for diesel fuel, a measure that will be a progressive one: in five years for private vehicles, and six years for light-duty vehicles, as adopted in the budget 2017. However, it is mainly thanks to the purchases of businesses – a registration on a two-in-France – that the diesel fuel is maintained at a relatively high level so far, retail investors have overwhelmingly opted for gasoline-powered vehicles by 2016, more than 60%.

at the End of December, the minister of the Environment Ségolène Royal was in favor of a complete ban in term of diesel cars in France, to the picture of what the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo wants to apply in the capital in the medium term.

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