Online Payment (Illustration).
Online Payment (Illustration). – VALINCO / SIPA
* Nicolas Beunaiche

Black Friday is going to heat the blue card. On the occasion of Black Friday, very many stores will offer their customers (until Monday for some) of discounts up to 85%. 20 Minutes gives you three keys to find the way of good business.

Where are the tips?

Black Friday is first an event high-tech and this year, Amazon, the importer of the event in France will be in good company. Its online competitors (Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce, Pixmania …) have followed suit, as well as its multi-channel rivals (Darty, Fnac …) and manufacturers (Microsoft, Sony … but not Apple on the other hand). Out multimedia specialists, part of the retail (Auchan, Géant-Casino) will also play the game, as well as La Redoute.

Some have opted for balances varying levels (between -20 and -70% Auchan), others for flash sale with limited inventory (the microwave at 49 euros at Casino), declines contained on flagship products such as iMac and iPad (-10% at Fnac) or huge discounts on some areas (up to -85% on toys at Cdiscount). You choose.

How to distinguish true from false discount?

The promotions displayed with 30% they really correspond to a discount on the same level? The question arises, according to Jean-Christophe Janicot, founder of the comparator “This week, an e-commerce website which anticipated Black Friday posted a 43% discount on a Blu-Ray disc, sold at 17 euros. Except that when you go on a competitor website you could find it at 11 euros … “he says. The site in question he was charging prices above those of the competition and he sought to manipulate the consumer? Impossible to say. But Jean-Christophe Janicot invites consumers on Friday to check, if possible, the truth of the promotions offered to him via a price comparison. All prices, Kelkoo Twenga or Compare offer such services online.

What is the best strategy to purchase?

Rushing at dawn or until the last moment, that is the question. In fact, everything depends first on the strategy adopted by retailers themselves. Some, such as Fnac and Casino, were fixed on the American model, limiting the operation to 24 hours. “Inventories are important and discounts will not change,” says Philippe Jourdan, a marketing professor at the University of Paris-Est. The question thus arises not really for these stores there.

On the other hand, others will extend until November 30 Black Friday (Auchan), or December 1 (Darty). Amazon France has even extended the operation over a week, from 24 November to 1 December. In these cases, “prices could possibly fall,” said Jean-Christophe Janicot, which, however, that it is too early on the event and the type of products offered promotion to be sure. Finally, some offers will quickly grasp. This is the case of the seven products at Darty will refund 100% in the form of gift certificates: a tablet, a smartphone, a connected, bracelet vacuum … “They are important but limited supply,” says Christian Lou, marketing manager and digital group. Understood: if the first come, first served, the latest arrivals, they perhaps will not be served at all