Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Court of auditors figure the mess out of the eco-tax – West-France

In its annual report, which sifts through the use of public funds, the Court of auditors criticizes, among other things, the abandonment of this system, as well as the control of the training policy.

In the edge of the motorway and express roads where we see them still, the metal skeletons of gantries Environmental tax are symbols of a huge waste of public money. But even more than this ” ambitious project “, Didier Migaud, president of the Court of auditors, which issued its annual report yesterday, denounces ” his surrender through the rush that resulted in a strategic failure of public policy, whose consequences are likely to be very sustainable.”

The reform, initiated by the Grenelle of the environment, had been passed unanimously in 2009. On the principle of ” polluter pays “, the tax levied on the passages of trucks to assist in the financing of new transport infrastructure more sustainable.

billions of losses

What happened ? “The political will has stalled in the face of failures and technical and administrative and, said with modesty, underestimation of the ability of our citizens to accept seeing their roads with gantries extremely sighted and archaic,” says Evelyne Ratte, president of the 7th chamber which heard the case.


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