Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Uber made a last minute offer, the drivers of the skeptics, the mediation extended – Le Figaro

Uber has promised on Wednesday “a considerable effort” in favour of the drivers VTC “in trouble”, that were greeted with distrust this announcement last minute, including the first consequence is prolonging for a few days the mediation initiated by the government.

A final meeting at the ministry of Transport on Wednesday was to mark the end of a month of mediation between the platforms and the drivers VTC. But the number one sector, the object of all the criticism, has taken advantage of the opportunity to submit a final proposal.

Uber has announced “a device financial, technical and human scale to accompany the drivers in difficulty to improve their profitability,” said the group in a press release.

Without the commitment, encrypted, or additional detail. “The contours accurate remain to be defined in the coming days, ( … ), but we want to move forward rapidly, and we are committed to a significant effort,” said Uber.

The california-based company has in this way pre-empted the recommendations of the ombudsman, Jacques Rapoport, who said, “the adoption of a financial measure of relief” for drivers from Uber.

Because it is the tariff policy of Uber, which has led to the current crisis. The company was launched in France in 2012 on the promise “of low prices to attract customers and revenue rates to attract drivers, accepting significant losses”, he recalled.

But the tide has turned when the platform has lowered the price of the races in October 2015, before the meet in December 2016, but at the same time increased its commission on the revenue of the drivers.

A decision seen as a provocation, which has triggered a movement of anger on the eve of the festivals of end of the year, marked by blockages sporadic access to the parisian airports and suspended after the appointment of the mediator.

During this conflict, Uber had already proposed to create a support fund of € 2 million for drivers VTC.

- “proposal bogus” or “door open” ? -

“The two million it does not speak about it more. Today Uber spell something else out of the hat,” responded Jean-Luc Albert, president of the association Active-VTC.

This “pseudo-Uber is a mirage, as were the two million euros that have disappeared,” she said Helmi Mamlouk, the association Capa-VTC

in the CFDT’s view, “this is not a measure that aims to clean up the market”, but “this shows that the drivers are in trouble, including their own,” summary Fabian Tolosini.

The offer is nevertheless on the table, and “in view of this proposal, which deserves to be dug out and debated,” Mr. Rapoport has decided to “defer for a few days the termination of the mediation”, or even to submit his report to the government “rather in the beginning of next week”.

Nothing omen, however, have an agreement, much less its success. “If the righting action requested of Uber is evil or not conducted, an intervention of the legislature seems indispensable to me,” said the ombudsman. It is estimated that the executive shall in this case establish a minimum compensation” for the drivers.

“We want this stage there directly”, as Uber will “proposals +bogus+”, responded to the AFP Sayah Baaroun, secretary-general of the Unsa SCP-VTC.

The CFDT considers conversely that the mediation “leaves the last door open to a negotiation responsible and constructive”, provided that it is “immediate, with immediate results”.

other tracks have been suggested by Mr. Rapoport, the extension of which to the VTC of the zero-rating part on the fuel which was of benefit to the taxi.

The ombudsman has also recommended that the government “sets a maximum working time” for the VTC “in the name of security”. But he recognizes at the same time that an activity of 40 hours per week “does not provide a decent income”. Working 60 hours, a driver-independent can release to 1,700 euros net per month if they master the “correct charges”.


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