Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Uber offers financial assistance to drivers of VTC in trouble – The World

According to the ombudsman of the government, there will be ” hundreds, if not thousands of cases “, but Uber is committed to ” treat all these situations here in July “.

Uber has offered transitional financial assistance to the drivers of transport vehicle with driver (VTC) in difficulty, which will be granted under the control of employees, designated by their representative trade unions, announced on Tuesday 7 February the government mediator, Jacques Rapoport. According to him, there will be ” hundreds, if not thousands of cases “, but Uber is committed to ” treat all of these situations by July “.

” It is a proposal that I feel is satisfactory “, said Mr. Rapoport, adding that its ” mediation ach[needs to] today, “ and that it would give its conclusions ” tomorrow [Wednesday] to the government, who will appreciate the result that it should give “.

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support the ” transitional “

The flat-form american will be targeting drivers connected at least forty hours per week and earning less than 21 euros gross per hour, to identify those who have difficulties, ” in particular, to cope with their expenses “. This assistance will be ” transitional time “ that each of these drivers, fit [their]s methods of work “, specified Mr. Rapoport.

No financial envelope is fixed, but Uber ” undertakes to implement all means necessary to ensure that drivers in difficulty have found a situation, “standard” “, said Mr Rapoport.

By this proposal, ” Uber admits that the policy that he has led has led to unsafe situations “, said Mr Rapoport. The ombudsman acknowledged, however, that this did not meet the demands of drivers, who have been seeking a fare increase and a reduction of the commission taken by Uber on their races.

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