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The French had to divert more and more of the diesel –

The year 2017 will mark it for the drop of diesel in France? Less than half (47.9%) of new cars delivered in January were running at diesel, a level not seen since the year 2000, in a global market always oriented upward. This passage is symbolic, revealed on Wednesday by the Committee of French manufacturers of automobiles (CCFA), held in the wake of a year 2016, at which 52.1% of buyers had opted for a passenger car diesel.

The phenomenon is inscribed in the continuity of the erosion that has occurred since 2012, when the share of diesel still stood at 73%. The 50% had been reached to increase at the beginning of the 2000 decade and the absolute record of sales achieved in 2008 with more than 77% of the registrations. This contraction takes place against a background of studies as to the harmfulness of the pollutant emissions related to diesel fuel, scandal on diesel engines-fixing Volkswagen and tight standards and taxes after years of patronage and tax.

beyond the fall of the diesel from its pedestal, which remains to be confirmed in the long term, the month of January has been marked by a leap of 10.6 per cent of new registrations to 153,000 units. This result, however, was obtained on 22 working days, while January 2016, reference month for the calculation, there was only 20, noticed the CCFA. In the adjusted data, the increase is 0.5%.

PSA and Renault in the form

The two automotive groups French have benefited from this positive trend, resulting in the continuity of a year 2016, which has seen registrations reach 2.015 million units (+5.1 per cent). The PSA group (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) has put on the roads around the 47,000 new car last month (+9.7 per cent). Deliveries of the lion brand grew 13.3%, and that the rafters of 10.4%. DS, on the other hand, has sunk (-31,5%). For its part, Renault saw its registrations increase by 12.6% to 36,000 units, according to the CCFA. The renault brand jumped by 17.3%, while the brand “low cost” Dacia remained perfectly stable.

The statistics of January are always to be taken with caution, after a month of December which are deemed to be the annual results. “The month of December is always a month very loudly because there are year-end targets, whether at the level of the company or the dealer”, which can then cause a hollow in the month following, explained to AFP the communications director of the CCFA, Francois Roudier.

But, despite this possible phenomenon, and beyond the two extra days of January, “we have a good record of registrations”, especially among the French manufacturers, he argued. “There is an effect of orders of the last year which have been delivered in January, it is visible at PSA and Renault, with a lot of Peugeot 3008 and Renault Scénic to the other,” assured Mr. Roudier.

The electric progress

The builders lights have obtained more than 56% of the market and the first 11 places in the ranking of sales by vehicle, dominated by the Renault Clio. This is followed by four Peugeot: 208, 2008, new 3008 and 308.

The Volkswagen group, is ranked third, and first importers with 12.7% market share even though its sales do not progress as 1.9% in the volume of delivery. It is followed by Toyota, which started the year with a bang (+16.6 percent), Ford, even more impressive (+39.2%), and Fiat Chrysler (FCA), which offers +19% in excess of barely 4% of market share. Follow BMW, General Motors (including Opel), Nissan and Hyundai-Kia, all between 3.3 and 3.9% of the market.

Finally, in parallel to the slip of the diesel, the sales of electric cars have started the year on a new level of 1.46% of the market against 1.08 per cent for the entire year of 2016. Ecrasant the competition with 73% market share in this category is highly subsidized by the State, the Renault Zoe advanced to the 26th position in the general classification by model.

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