Monday, February 6, 2017

Banks : Many satisfied customers have changed – Boursorama

While the law on banking mobility, enters into force today, Monday 6 February, the French say they are very satisfied with the services offered by their new institution, according to a study Panorabanques. And almost one French person in five would have the intention to change the bank this year thanks to the new rules established by the act Macron.

to Change the bank well worth the effort, summarizes The Figaro, which cited a study recently of the comparator Panorabanques, which has asked customers who have had a change of banking institution of note, their old and their new bank. Balance sheet : the ex-banks have harvested an average of 9.4/20, up against a pretty 15,7/20 for the new.

Services, credit, obstacle course

” The gain of satisfaction is particularly notable on the rates, ” noted Panorabanques, while banking fees constantly increasing, would be the main source of motivation of the customers who switch from bank to bank. So why the French are not more numerous to start ?, asks Le Figaro.

Of the services rendered rather good, a credit to a refund or a change of bank worthy of an obstacle course would be the main explanations of these all-too-rare outpourings of the bank. As a result, nearly 50% of French people are customers of their bank for more than twenty (study Boursorama-OpinionWay).

Near a French on five of the intention to change the bank

A figure that is expected to evolve very quickly, since this Monday, February 6, between the law Macron on banking mobility. Proof : near a French on five of the intention to change the bank this year thanks to it, according to a survey cited by Le Figaro. It must be said that the exodus bank is now simplified. Load banks now perform all the steps. It will be sufficient for the individual to give the mandate to the new institution, which will contact the former bank to manage everything.

The new facility is required to prevent change all of the issuers of samples (mobile operator, internet access provider, energy supplier, tax office, etc) and recipients of transfers. All transactions must be completed in 22 working days. “The competition between banks will grow and they will need to offer innovative new services to attract or retain, writes Guillaume Clavel, founder of Panorabanques interviewed by Le Figaro. The client should be the big winner of this change. “

(1). Panorabanques asked a sample of person of note, their old and their new institution on the basis of three criteria : the rates, the personal adviser and the services.


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