Friday, February 3, 2017

Elections in the TPE : the CGT and the CFDT in decline – The Echoes

The results of the second edition of the elections for representation of employees of the enterprises of 10 employees or less, and workers at home are fallen, and they are not good news for the first two trade union confederations in france. The SGC retains first place, with a high score, 25,12 %, and maintained its lead of 10 points on the CFDT, which retains its second place at 15.49 %. But both were down about 4 points.

working class does not put out hardly better : its decline is 2 points, to 13,01 %, but the gap with the national Union of autonomous trade unions is reduced. The union born of the split of the Federation of national education, had joined the internal opponents of FO, appears as the big winner of the scruti,n held in the first fortnight of January. He spends the upper-hand bar of 10 %, gaining 5 points to 12.35 %, while the CFTC, which comes from behind, wins only 1 point to be 7.44 %.

Very low participation

When you look at the number of votes that are worn on the one and the other, the fact is cruel for all with one exception. It must be said that the election, delayed a month because of a litigation – lost – by the CGT against the trade Union of the workers corsica, has even less mobilized than in 2012. Already, the participation was only exceeded 10 %. This time, it has not even crossed the 8% mark. In practical terms, only 330.938 employees on a constituency of 4.5 million, have voted.

The CGT is the one who has lost the most supporters, with around 50,000 votes less. The CFDT comes up behind with 38.000 missing the call, while Force ouvrière, she has a shortfall of 28,000 votes. Other organizations also are in loss. Only exception : the Unsa, which has earned nearly 7,000 votes, and exceeded the threshold of 40.000.

to Calculate the representativeness of the different unions

These elections are important because their results will be combined with those of the professional elections in companies with 11 or more employees over the last four years to calculate the representativeness of the different unions and their power of signing of the agreement at cross-industry level and of the sectors, which is expected to be announced officially next month, but also the allocation of the advisor positions labor processes which are going to be renewed. Knowing that the exercise regarding the public service will take place in 2018.

one of the major challenges of this second measure of representativeness in the private sector the first place. And the election of the TPE in this regard is bad news for the SGC. In 2012, it is thanks to the 47.334 vote more than the CFDT that she had obtained on this election that the plant had kept the top of the charts. On businesses with more than 10 employees, the CFDT was in fact arriving in front of it with approximately 8500 votes ahead. Now with 31.164 votes ahead only on the TPE, the mattress is capable of absorbing a loss of influence in the employers with more than 10 employees has been reduced even as the trend seems to be downward in these professional elections.

The future joint Committees regional inter-professional

The election TPE opens up the way for the designation of employee representatives in future joint Committees regional inter-branch (CPRI) created by bill Rebsamen. The purpose of these bodies will be to advise and inform employees and employers on legal provisions or other agreements to which they are applicable, improve the social and cultural activities. They will also have the faculty to facilitate the resolution of conflicts, individual and collective, which have not been the subject of a referral from a court. A point on which the employers is more than reluctant.


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