Monday, February 6, 2017

Alstom Belfort : the order of 15 trainsets TGV confirmed before the end of February (ministry) – The Parisian

Le secretary of State for Industry Christophe Sirugue has indicated Monday to AFP that the order of fifteen trains TGV train to the factory, Belfort, to which is committed the State in October to save the industrial site would be confirmed “before the end of the month of February”.
“We will confirm the order before the end of the month of the month of February,” assured M. Sirugue, to the effect that it would specify the terms on 17 February on the occasion of a follow-up committee on this file under the ministry of the Economy.
According to press information released on Monday, a note from the legal services of Bercy, dating from the beginning of December and relayed by the letter specialized Mobilettre seemed to question, for legal reasons, the feasibility of this order of 15 trainsets TGV by the State for the line-City Marseille-Bordeaux, promised in the backup plan.
“What I find extraordinary is that we have today a press release on a note which date from the beginning of December, and that – if I do not question the elements – in any case is based on a scenario that is not the one that was adopted by the State”, commented M. Sirugue.
“What is said in the note, is that the State would fund directly the purchase of fifteen trains TGV, or since the beginning”, we are trying to see “how the SNCF can place the order, knowing that of course the State will fund in this context”, said the secretary of State.
“We remain in this hypothesis, we have not changed and I have an appointment that is scheduled, which had already been programmed from t he time of the follow-up committee of the 17 February. I will detail the elements of the February 17, so there are no new elements compared to the journey either in terms of timing nor in terms of information,” concluded the secretary of State for Industry.
M. Sirugue has also ensured that the commitment of the SNCF to respond to such a tender remained intact: “the secretary-general of the SNCF (…) confirmed that there was no questioning of the elements that had been agreed to”, he argued.
The command is “absolutely not “questioned”, for its part, had said a little earlier, Marie-Guite Dufay, president (PS) of the Region Burgundy Franche-Comté, relating a telephone conversation on Monday morning with Guillaume Pépy, president of SNCF.
“The services of the State work for the order (15-trains TGV) can be increased”, said Hugues Besancenot, prefect of the Territory of Belfort, interviewed on the occasion of the launch Monday of the modernization of the means testing of the Belfort site.
note de Bercy is “an analysis based on a hypothesis that is not good”, he also argued.
The State, local authorities, the SNCF Network and Alstom have signed on Monday at Belfort, the financing agreement for the electrification of the route of testing the plant, which will make this site the european centre of rail maintenance.
The creation of this centre was part of the backup plan of the plant announced by the State last October to prevent the move in the Alsace region of the historic site of the railway builder, which employs more than 400 people in Belfort.
These works, which will take place from the summer until the end of the year 2017, will constitute the “first realization” of the rescue plan of the site, has estimated Hugues Besancenot.


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