Thursday, February 9, 2017

Michelin Guide : “A little bit drowned out, but it’s still a symbol” – Franceinfo

Why the Michelin Guide is so important in our culinary landscape ? the “first, it was the only one in a very long time, and it represented the consecration of French cuisine at a time when there was no other basis of comparison as this one. Today things have changed, the information of culinary and gastronomic on the web, everywhere, publications, sites, blogs. So it is a little bit drowned out, but it’s still a symbol”, observed Périco Légasse.

The edition 2017 identifies 616 starred establishments. Is this a good year ? the “We can no longer expect the Michelin Guide today to find out who are the great cooks, what are the stars of the kitchen. They are already very high profile in the media. He has also taken part in their media coverage”, ” says the restaurant critic. Nevertheless, the influence on attendance remains important for institutions devoted to it.

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