Delphine Ernotte, the Festival of the fiction TV of La Rochelle, on the 16th of September 2016. XAVIER LEOTY / AFP

While France Télévisions has just been pinned by the Court of auditors, these revelations are a mess. Delphine Ernotte, chair of the audiovisual group, is paid a fixed salary of 322.000 euros gross per year, which can add a bonus of up to 78.000 euro, advance BFM Business.

According to the site, this amount is two times less important than the one she felt when she was at the direction of Orange, but it is identical to the one that received Rémy Pfimlin, his predecessor, and especially lower than that of Patrick de Carolis, who émargeait to 240,000 euros gross fixed, and could hope for a bonus of 60,000 euros maximum.

BFM Business points out that, according to the estimates, Delphine Ernotte key two to three times less than the facilitators headlights of the channels of the France Télévisions group, which are paid by production companies that are external.

according To the Court of auditors 191 employees from France Tvs would affect more than 120,000 euros gross per year, 547 other, more than 96,000 euro and 1.415 more than 70,000 euros. The report of the experts of the rue Cambon denounces practices ” questionable “, as in the case of employees on permanent contracts who receive an additional remuneration from, for example, a production company and externally.

The median salary at France Télévisions is 49.320 € gross in 2015, in other words, there are as many employees who perceive a higher amount of employees that affect an amount lower than this amount. The average salary, himself, was of 62.900 euros in 2014.

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