Friday, October 28, 2016

AACC : the free trade agreement between Canada and the Europeans will be signed Sunday – The World

The parliaments of Wallonia, Brussels-Capital and the French Community have agreed, Friday, to validate the treaty.

the walloon Parliament gave its agreement on October 28 at the signature of the AACC.

After two weeks of psychodrama and negotiations marathon, the Parliament of Wallonia has given its consent, Friday, October 28, at the signing of the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement or comprehensive economic and trade agreement), free trade treaty between the european Union (EU) and Canada. It will be ratified at a summit on Sunday, said Donald Tusk, the president of the european Council.

The Parliament of the Brussels-Capital region and the French Community have followed suit by approving, as was expected, the agreement in the evening. The political composition of these entities, led by coalitions of socialists, is similar to that of Wallonia.

In Wallonia, a motion to Parliament asking the minister-president Paul Magnette of ” delegating “ to the federal government to affix the signature of the Belgium to the AACC was approved by 58 votes for and 5 against, in a plenary session extraordinary.

Mr. Magnette eventually rally Thursday to the agreement, which was negotiated over seven years by the european Commission and Ottawa, after having fought fiercely and ripped off of the other components of the belgian federal State a ” declaration by the kingdom of Belgium “ which, according to him, reinforces the protection of the european social and environmental model.

If the federal prime minister Charles Michel, a rival policy of Mr. Magnette, says these negotiations have not ” change a comma “ to the AACC, the leader walloon is targué to have ” amended “ the treaty on several points.

” The AACC amended, the AACC corrected, is more just than the old AACC. It offers more safeguards than the former CETA, and it is this that I defend in front of you. “

And launch victorious : ” already, we can draw the lesson : with the AACC enhanced, the TTIP is dead and buried “, in reference to the other agreement transatlantic free-trade, unpopular, and far more controversial, as the EU negotiates without progressing with the United States.

“clarifications of the essential”

With the same powers as a national parliament, the walloon assembly had not failed to share from the month of its reserves, which dealt in particular with the agricultural sector and the establishment of courts ad hoc to resolve disputes between multinational companies and States. Mr. Magnette estimated to have achieved ” clarifications of the essential “ in ” backup farm “ and ” protection of public services “.

The walloon government has also ensured that Belgium asks the Court of justice of the EU opinion on the conformity of the arbitration mechanism (the Investment Court System, ICS) that the AACC would provide in the event of a conflict between an investor and a State, but that would only be implemented once the treaty has been ratified by all european parliaments.

The agreements of the Brussels-Capital region and the French Community, which, with Wallonia, were the last in Europe to oppose the CETA are expected in the evening.


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