Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Equality man-woman at work : it will have to wait… 2186 – Europe1

The equal pay between men and women could become a reality in 170 years, due to a “strong slowdown” in this area, according to the report 2016, world economic Forum (WEF) on the parity man/woman. If nothing changes, it will have to wait 2186 to achieve the economic parity between men and women in the workplace, has indicated to Saadia Zahidi, one of the authors of the report.

Only 118 years. last year, the WEF was moving a horizon less distant to this goal, which is “only” 118 years. According to the WEF, the gender gap has reached in 2016 59% in the economic domain, one of the four indicators of the economic Forum, with education, health and political empowerment, to carry out this annual survey, which covers 144 countries.

Specifically, if a man earns 100 in the world, the woman will not touch that 59, in spite of “longer working hours”. In 2008, this gap was 58.3%, and in 2013, the best year for the index calculated by the WEF since 2006, it was 59.9%.

Iceland a good student. In the ranking of the best performing countries in terms of gender equality, Iceland takes the lead, ahead of Finland, Norway and Sweden. Rwanda comes to Ireland in the 5th place. The Philippines follow in front of the Slovenia, New Zealand, and Nicaragua. It is the 8th year in a row that Iceland is in first place. The wages of women represent 87% of those of men.

France 17th. In France, the gap between men and women is filled to 75%. France occupies the 17th place in the ranking of the WEF. By geographic region, western Europe is positioned in front of the North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, eastern Europe and central Asia. Follow the east Asia and the Pacific, sub-saharan Africa, south Asia and the Middle East and North Africa.


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