Monday, October 31, 2016

The airports of Nice and Lyon officially privatized – Air-Journal

The State announced yesterday a partial privatization of managers airports of Nice-Côte d’azur and Lyon Saint Exupery, the sale of 60% of the capital that he had to report $ 1.76 billion euros.

The arrested published on October 30, 2016 in the Official Journal formalizing the sale of the participation of the state in the Airports of Nice, the manager of the airports of Nice, Cannes-Mandelieu and Saint-Tropez, the consortium Azzurra, “a company under Italian law, constituted by the companies Atlantia SpA, Aeroporti di Roma SpA and Electricité de France” (1,222 billion euros, concession until 2044) ; on the other hand, the participation of the state in Lyon goes to the consortium under French law incorporated by the companies of Vinci Airports and Predica, and by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations ” (535 Million euros, concession until 2047). These decrees come to formalize the decision announced in late July by the ministry of finance, and the closure of the privatisation process for the two main airports of province. A Nice as in Lyon, the remaining 40% of the capital are in the hands of public shareholders local . The partial privatisation of the manager of Toulouse-Blagnac had reported 300 million euros.

The State pointed out during the award of the two concessions that the arrival at the capital of the management companies of the airports in a private investor experienced and committed to the long-term had to enable ” to provide strong prospects for the development of the airport and its territory, and thus contribute to the attractiveness and vitality of the entire regional economy, as has been the case in Europe during previous operations, including in Belgium, in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy “. Before recalling that he retains ” in its role as licensor, the levers to ensure the robustness of the economic society and the fulfilment of the requirements related to the public service airport, particularly in matters of security and the taking into account of the environmental issues “. Managers of partially privatized remain subject regulation of tariffs of airport fees by the Indepen dent Supervisory Authority, which ” shall approve each year these rates and ensure that they evolve so moderate “, and the State remains the owner of the infrastructure.

A first reaction fell Sunday evening : the Association against the Extension and the Nuisances of the Airport of Lyon St Exupéry (ACENAS) said in a press release fear ” the consequences of this operation, which will lead to a doubling of air traffic and the creation of a mega-area freight for the south of Europe. The inhabitants refuse to be sacrificed with the increase of the nuisance and the proven impacts on their health “. According to the association, Vinci has already announced its desire to increase traffic “while no concrete provision has been made for the 100.000 residents affected by the nuisance of airport, road and rail ” of the platform. Night flying ” constitute a real public health problem, known to authorities but to this day they are still not banned, despite the injunctions “. The ACENAS fears “real explosion noise, and calls for urgent imp lementation of a curfew ” ; it has also filed appeal to the Council of State (April 2016) and before the Administrative Tribunal of Paris (September 2016) against the specification and the selection of the consortium led by Vinci.


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