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Uber, Airbnb : the attempts of regulation of the platforms are multiplying in the world – The World

a british court has just recognized that drivers of Uber to the status of employees. The group is the subject of a class action in the United States and, in France, Urssaf has launched two procedures against him. Airbnb risk, the costs of tighter regulation.

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Sentenced on the status of its drivers in the Uk, Uber is also under threat in the United States. The society of San Francisco is in particular covered by a action under the group name (class action) in California and in Massachusetts. It was launched three years ago by a group of drivers, who believe that they should not be considered self-employed.

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In April, Uber was thought to have averted the danger by entering into an amicable agreement with the complainants. The company was committed to pay $ 100 million (91 million euros) to about 385 000 drivers. She had also agreed not to disable their accounts without explanation or warning, as it can currently do. But she had preserved the essential : the status of self-employed workers.

This settlement, however, was rejected in August by the judge in charge of the dossier. Reason given : it is ” unjust “ for the drivers, which could reach up to $ 1 billion in compensation. The lack of satisfactory agreement between the two parties, a trial will be held in San Francisco. In case of defeat of Uber, it is the whole of its business model, which could be called into question.

political Lobbying

Long conflict with many municipalities in the u.s., the group founded and led by Travis Kalanick is from a past master in the art of political lobbying. In recent years, he has won important victories in the United States, including New York, where the city council was trying to restrict the number of drivers, or even to Las Vegas, where the platform has been banned for several years. Uber is now available in over 200 american cities.

Austin, the Texas capital, the company and its rival Lyft suspended in may for their operations after the vote, by referendum, a law requiring fingerprint drivers. Moreover, in Massachusetts, a law passed this summer requires a tax of 20 cents on each trip to fund the transportation infrastructure. And to compensate the taxi drivers, who will receive a quarter of the amount harvested.

on the other side Of the Atlantic, London has not the monopoly of the challenge… Well, at Paris, the Union for the recovery of contributions to the social Security and family allowances (Urssaf) has initiated two procedures against Uber. The paris outpost of this administration has requalified the situation of the drivers of independent employees.

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Airbnb, another company featured in the collaborative economy., now seems even more threatened by tighter regulation. In New York, a new legislation plans to impose up to a $ 7,500 fine to the users of the service for short term rentals. This text may call into question the major part of its activity in the city. In San Francisco, Airbnb is subject to a penalty of $ 1,000 per day per unit non-compliant. Its platform is also prohibited or framed in other cities, in the United States and Europe.

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