Tuesday, October 25, 2016

i>Television : the strike extended 24 hours to 83.6 % of the vote – The Point

Determined, the employees of i>Tv have renewed their strike on Tuesday for a 9th consecutive day, supported by many editors, and personalities, but were hoping for a release at a further meeting with management on Wednesday morning. They have again voted to continue the strike Tuesday morning until Wednesday 11: 30 a.m., to 83.6 % of the votes (107 of 128), prior to a meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning in particular with the n° 2 of Vivendi, Stéphane Roussel, a relative of the boss of the group, Vincent Bolloré.

The conflict was triggered a week ago by the arrival at the antenna of the host Jean-Marc Morandini, indicted for “corruption of a minor, aggravated” in particular for castings of dubious related to the shooting of an erotic film. In spite of the opposition of writing, his daily radio program Morandini Live, dedicated to the media, has been imposed by Vincent Bolloré and maintained all last week in spite of the strike.

savings Plan of drastic

The directorate was suspended Monday, but has promised his recovery at the end of the strike, a statement which increased the anger of the employees, some of whom believed on Tuesday that Vincent Bolloré was the maintenance of Jean-Marc Morandini “a personal matter”.

For the strikers, the conflict is about the much broader issue of editorial independence in relation to shareholders, in particular, Vincent Bolloré, and the application of increased means for the chain, weakened since this summer by a savings plan drastic and workforce reductions. “What we fear is that this writing is less independent than before,” summed up Antoine Genton, president of the LDS.

The trade unions of Canal+ and the LDS had organised a new rally on Tuesday in front of i>Tele, which was attended by approximately 300 people : employees i>Tele, but also of their parent company Canal+ and other media that support them, as well as a few notable personalities, including Roselyne Bachelot and humorists Eric and Quentin, the elders of the Diary de Canal+.

“there are a number of concerns,”

On RMC, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a candidate in the primary from the right, has also lent his support to the motion Tuesday, on behalf of the independence of the editorial staff. To the question “do you support the strikers”, she replied “absolutely, and I don’t care completely to make me angry with mr Bolloré”. A response to the assertion of Benoît Hamon, who has been criticized for policies to remain silent for fear of displeasing the man of business.

“I’m afraid of a development, which is to call into question more or less insidious the independence of journalists,” said Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet. “There are a number of concerns. I was shocked to hear that we had emptied the offices of journalists during the weekend. It is a form of pressure.”

the”Amazement and indignation”

Roselyne Bachelot, ex-columnist on i>Tele, has expressed his “amazement and outrage”, denounced “a problem of management”, and believed that management needed to “listen to the editor” and “remove Jean-Marc Morandini of its functions as a facilitator”.

in Addition to the departure of Jean-Marc Morandini, harmful, according to them, in the image of their chain, the employees are demanding an ethics charter in order to ensure their independence and ways of relaunching their chain. The tension is still up a notch this weekend, when moving in brutal offices i>Tele to make room for the writing of Direct Morning (owned by Bolloré), where personal belongings of the journalists have been put in a dumpster.

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