Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mps vote down a billion income tax –

The national Assembly voted today on the budget 2017. The latter provides for the reduction of one billion euros in income tax, which the government will benefit seven million tax households – those whose income tax reference (RFR) does not exceed 20 500 euros for singles and 41 000 euros for couples.

according To Bercy, five million households will have their tax reduced by an average of 193 euros. The rapporteur-general Valérie Rabault (PS) added that “up to 23 100 euros of annual income, a single person will pay less tax on the income in 2017 as in 2012” and it will be the same, up to 53 700 euros in annual income for a couple with two children.

The right has felt that this proposal was “election”, in less than one year of maturity presidential. The mp Republicans, Marie-Christine Dalloz, said he was “which was the focus of more and more tax pressure on a smaller part of the population and that only comes in any way on the fiscal shock of the beginning of the quinquennium“.


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