Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rent : 49% of donors live in illegality – The Figaro

This figure is down four points over one year. The abuse mostly furnished studios for students or the good rooms, according to a study by the consumer association CLCV.

One year after the entry into force of the rent regulation, introduced in August 2015 by the law Alur, abuses persist. Near a landlord in two (49%) would hire still too expensive in Paris when he dispensed of the services of a real estate agent, according to a study by the consumer association CLCV has reviewed 800 classifieds. Therefore, 51% of them operate within the law. Conversely, three-quarters of the ads placed by professional comply with the maximum rent permitted by law, according to the study of consumer association, CLCV (Consumption, housing and living environment). These results are, however, slightly better than a year ago: the compliance rates were respectively 70% (through the agencies) and 47% (for donors live) in the fall of 2015, three months after the beginning of the rent.

The illegalities concern especially the furnished studios for students and young people, and to focus on the small surfaces and the “famous rooms”. Thus, 46% of the ads of flats for rent in the capital displayed a rent to be excessive, compared to 12% for the 4 pieces. “However, these are mainly young people and students who are renters, or a public relatively fragile economically”, she says. In general, the abuses are more frequent for the case of furnished accommodation (54% compliance) than for the housing bare (72%), with an average amount of cost overrun of more than: 129 euros for the first, 93 euros for the latter.

in The end, nearly four rent-in-ten (38%, compared to 42% a year earlier) “do not conform and exceed, by an average of 115,39 € per month, which is 1384,68 euros to the year, the maximum amount applicable,” says the CLCV, which points out a “significant financial loss” to the tenant. And a rent on the four remaining illegal on the websites of real estate agencies, “this is too important,” believes the CLCV. Professionals “must refuse, as from a legal point of view as ethical, any request by a landlord requiring rent in excess of the limits,” stresses the association.


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