Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Haute-Garonne champion regional employment –

The Direccte (regional Directorate for enterprises, competition, consumption, work and employment) and the regional branch of the Pôle Emploi published on Tuesday evening, the unemployment figures for the month of September. And the statistics are encouraging. Better, the department is a champion of the employment at the regional level, and saves even far better results than the whole of france.

The downward trend of unemployment observed in the Haute-Garonne for a year was confirmed in September. Last month, the department had 79 404 unemployed category, a decrease of 2.5 % on the month and 3.6 % year on year. In Occitania, the decline in unemployment for this category reaches only 1.7% over one year.

These results are both due to a declining enrolment in Pôle Employment and a significant number of innings of employment. 22 000 unemployed persons in the department have found a job in the past year.

Very good dynamics in terms of employment

“There is a real dynamic at the level of employment in the Haute-Garonne, with an acceleration of wage employment for the past four semesters,” says Pierre Brossier, head of the service statistics, studies, and assessments of the regional branch of the Pôle Emploi. “This phenomenon is much more marked in the department that in Occitania and France. The BTP has even stopped losing employment”.

Another reason for optimism : the increase in the use of temporary contracts. “C is an indicator that is very significant. When it increases, it is very encouraging for the whole of the employment market,” says Pierre Brossier. “While in Occitania, the acting was up 5 % year on year, it has jumped from 15 % in Haute-Garonne”.

More contracts sustainable

Evidence of the dynamism of the employment market, the deals are also on the rise in the department. “The number of job offers published in the last three months in the Haute-Garonne has increased by 11 % compared to the same period in 2015. And – this is extremely good sign – contracts-durable (fixed-term contracts of over 6 months and CDI) have increased by 17 %. This is the sign that employers are regaining confidence in the future”, welcomes Pierre Brossier.

The duration of unemployment reduces

And this is not finished. The duration of unemployment reduces it also. “Today, on average, a job seeker will 305 days to return to work in Haute-Garonne, compared to 439 days in the first quarter of 2015, and it continues to decrease for four quarters,” says Pierre Brossier.

Prudence, however, the B and C categories, which include job seekers who have had a reduced activity, continue to progress. But this increase is due in part to the unemployed of category A, who resumed a job.


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