Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lead by iPhone sales, the annual results of Apple are down for the first time in 15 years – The Huffington Post

ECONOMY – experts have anticipated the trend for a long time, but it is still a hard shot symbolic to Apple. In announcing its quarterly results, apple confirms a decline in its turnover and profit year-on-year. For the first time since the launch of the iPod in 2001.

The iPhone sales have declined again over the quarter ending at the end of September, once again dragging in their wake the financial results of Apple, but the it group of the us, has hinted on Tuesday 25 October, a return to growth in the important holiday period.

The company had spent $ 45.5 million of iPhone between early July and late September, the fourth quarter of its fiscal year offset, which is 5% lower than a year earlier. The loss of speed of the star product of the group has continued to have an impact on its financial performance.

The revenue is down for the third consecutive quarter (-9% to 46.9 billion dollars), and even saves its first annual drop in fifteen years: it has decreased by 8%, to 215,6 billion over the year as a whole. The net income is also in decline both on the quarter (-19% to $ 9 billion) on the year as a whole (-14% to 45.7 billion).

sales in free fall in China

For this quarter, Tim Cook highlighted the growth of the iPhone in Europe and Canada, but it is mainly the 30% decline in sales in China compared to last year which marked, a precise Quartz.

If the decline in iPhone sales and revenue for the fourth quarter are broadly in line with the expectations of analysts, the forecasts supplied by the group for the quarter started at the beginning of October, however, are more optimistic.

in this quarter, where sales of the new iPhone 7 released mid-September will have their full effect, Apple said, in effect, aim for 76 to 78 billion dollars of sales, when analysts were focused up to now on average only $ 75 billion. It must be said that the gigantic failure of Samsung with the batteries explosive of its Galaxy Note 7 at the end of August could be of benefit to Apple.

In the longer term, the company will, of course, the highly anticipated iPhone 8, which rumors evoke a lot of new features for September 2017. Side new product, however, between the Apple Watch that can’t take off and his car project, which seems to have been virtually abandoned, the future is rather cloudy for the brand to the apple.

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