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Toyota suspends production in Japan for a week – The World

In the Toyota plant in Miyawaka, Fukuoka  Prefecture in Japan.

The automaker Toyota announced Monday 1 st February the suspension of production of 8 to 13 February in twelve of vehicle assembly plants in Japan. “The operations should restart the 15″ , the firm said in a statement, adding that the production lines outside of the Japanese archipelago will not, for their part, remain unaffected.

This follows an incident at one of its suppliers and which caused a shortage of parts. An explosion hit, 8 January, the site of steelmaker Aichi Steel, damaging a furnace. This affiliate of Toyota hopes “resume its activities by the end of March” .

“minimize the impact”

The manufacturer promises to “take all necessary measures to minimize the impact on vehicle production” , citing the use “other lines operated by Aichi Steel or Procurement other steelmakers’ .

The global sector leader, who in 2015 sold more than 10 million vehicles, built more than 40% of its cars in Japan. Toyota has based its method of production on minimizing inventory and parts supply “just in time” to the assembly.

At the Tokyo Stock Exchange, its title was not affected by Monday’s announcement. He earned 1.4 3% to 7303 yen (55.58 euros) an hour after the opening of trade


General Electric: Clara Gaymard will leave the head of the French subsidiary – L’Express

I asked myself the question to continue with GE, but we have agreed on a mutual agreement that it was a good time to separate ” Ms Gaymard said, interviewed by economic magazine.

The closing Alstom has just ended, it was a good time for me to prepare a new phase of my professional life, I wanted to experience a new adventure. It will in the world entrepreneurial “, she added.

The departure of the CEO of the subsidiary of the US group comes as the latter announced in December an energy business restructuring plan redeemed at Alstom, which could affect 6,500 jobs over 35,000 in Europe, where the sector is depressed, especially in France where it is nevertheless committed to creating 1,000 net jobs.

The unions in turn evoke the removal of 10,000 jobs worldwide, a figure that GE has not confirmed.

The American group has renewed its commitment to create 1,000 net jobs in France Wednesday at a meeting between its CEO Jeffrey Immelt and President Francois Hollande at the Elysee. The day before, the trade unions of the former Alstom Power pole had called Hollande to the suspension of the launch of the employment backup plans.

Alstom GE had sold most of its energy activities in the amount of 9.7 billion euros, a transaction completed on November 2.


Renault arrives in China with an anti-crisis strategy – Les Echos

The snow fell in the night, seems to have plunged the site into a deep sleep. On this Sunday morning, only a few carcasses slide along the assembly line between brand new equipment. The first Renault plant in China, located in the city of Wuhan, in east-central Somalia, living its last hours of calm: it must be inaugurated on Monday in the presence of Carlos Ghosn and its Chinese partner Dongfeng. Renault and the Chinese manufacturer, partners in a 50% joint venture, invested 870 million euros in the project.

With an area of ​​200 hectares, the site has a capacity 150,000 cars a year, which may be increased to 300,000 units forward or even 450,000 – and 600,000 engines – which by then would the biggest Renault factory worldwide. “ We aim to run between 3 and 3.5% of the Chinese market ,” says Jacques Daniel, the head of the joint venture.

Renault Does it not happen after the battle

The question nevertheless arises: Renault Does it not happen after the battle? The group is the last major manufacturer to enter the world’s biggest auto market. And it happens in a deteriorating environment. Sales of new cars increased by 7.8% in 2015, far from the double-digit growth in recent years. The sector faces emerging overcapacity and pressure on prices. In this context, the development of an unknown brand to the general public is a challenge. “ We arrive at more moderate rates of growth, around 5% in 2016, and profitability will be under pressure. But 5% growth is immediately one million cars and more! And our cost base is highly optimized with Nissan “Judge Jacques Daniel.

A” copy-paste “of Nissan’s plants in China

While the Japanese ally, a strong presence in China, has often been pointed in France for being partly responsible for the absence of Renault, Nissan is now of valuable. The Wuhan plant is a “copy-paste” of Nissan’s factories in China, both at the level of plans, equipment or staff – many of the employees come from the joint venture between Nissan and Dongfeng, or were trained. Thanks to this contribution, it only took two years since Beijing’s green light for the plant is operational, with only one year of construction.

Synergies in Shops industrial

The synergies are found in production: the two vehicles produced locally – crossover Kadjar and, at year end, another crossover segment D, Koleos successor – the twins are the Qashqai and X-Trail Nissan, and are the only in the Renault range to borrow a Nissan platform, called P32. What help maximize the sharing of components (engines, gearboxes, are not visible). “ Only 7% of our suppliers are specific, the rest is shared with Nissa n,” says Jacques Daniel.

A network 125 dealers

Rest vehicles for sale … To make known, Renault put on a contract with actress Fan Bingbing, very well known in China. More importantly, it limits its offering to a single body type: SUVs. Is the segment that has the highest growth in 2015 (+ 40%, according to IHS). Same strategy on distribution networks. The Diamond focuses on cities with more than 3 million inhabitants, through a network of 125 dealers, which will increase to 175 end 2016. The overall goal: quickly exceed one billion yuan of net income (or 130 million euros). “ From this profit level, we will have the authority to extend our range of vehicles ” continues Jacques Daniel.

If the agreement involves the production of an electric car on behalf of Dongfeng – based on Fluence ZE, from 2017 – Renault will wait to locate a Talisman, a space or Captur. Similarly, it has not the right to locate vehicles of less than 4.5 meters, which excludes the moment its low cost cars (Duster).

By then, the group has everything to prove. Between market downturn and difficulties of new entrants – DS, Lincoln and Volvo have had difficult starts – China is no longer the paradise it was



Taxis-VTC: Uber is the mediator and écharpent on Twitter – Le Figaro

A leader Uber Europe reminded Laurent Grandguillaume what the role of a mediator in a conflict, while the latter was surprised that platforms call for the event to two days of a crucial meeting.

Two days after the end of the taxi strike, the conflict with the VTC is far from settled. But this time, it is neither one nor the other who launched hostile … but the mediator, Laurent Grandguillaume. “If one believes the definition of” mediation “, is not” a way of peaceful solution “to resolve a crisis? Unfortunately, though. The Ombudsman has already taken sides even before the mediation has started, “says one industry expert.

It all started on Saturday morning with the publication by the councilman of Dijon without a tweet clear to the attention of digital platforms:

This is not necessarily the best way to start the mediation of a conflict that has lasted more than two years. Anyway, this post has not failed to react digital platforms, “This is not what is called a mediator, says one of them. These are clearly incriminating statements. ”

The discussion continued a few hours between the member from the Gold Coast and a leader of Uber Europe. Initially, Laurent Grandguillaume is surprised by the call to protest launched by the association of drivers VTC, AMT, relayed by the Uber platforms including:

“No s’ annoys taxis decide when to strike and when it is the turn of VTC … “lamented an industry expert. It is the responsibility of Europe Uber person who responded to the Ombudsman:

“In France, members are elected by the people. Multinationals choose by mediators “

To which Lawrence replies Grandguillaume:

The exchange” muscular “is punctuated by these two statements:

Then netizens have taken over. The leader Uber Europe will in principle not present at Tuesday’s meeting between the mediator, taxis and VTC, but no doubt this rather new episode on Twitter will certainly be discussed by the actors. And the letters of formal notice sent to twenty platforms so that they achieve compliance with the law or face sanctions.

So far, the mediator had “merely” as Bernard Cazeneuve or Manuel Valls before him, to denounce the unfair competition of transport platforms. On Saturday, he decided to speak up and publicly. He even delivered a Sunday coat, reminding platforms that “it is much more than mediation, it is a fight for the regulation, to put people at the heart facing impoverishment imposed by some platforms. ” A term he used again two more times, as if to show how Uber and other Heetch are responsible for the conflict.

“We are aware of having pushed this sector and we are ready to find ways out of this crisis, the leader of a recognized platform. But I’m not sure that the method employed by the Ombudsman is good. ” Only the future will tell us.

Laurent Grandguillaume must reckon with anger taxis that have little tasted the appointment of a new mediator. “We do not want a Thévenoud 2 loose Asnoun Karim, secretary general of the CGT-Taxis. It’s been months since we discussed, the time for talking is over. They know very well what’s wrong in their law. We are no longer at the time of the mediation but of action. “” The appointment of a mediator is a “bogus decision” that allows the state to save time. The government changed the rules by liberalizing the profession. We are ready to work with VTC but it takes the game to be fair, “says Jeremy, a taxi driver. In this critical mass, the Golden Coast MP has received support in recent days, the … the former Ombudsman, Thomas Thévenoud, appointed in February 2014 by Jean-Marc Ayrault:

Le..dijonnais of birth had not had at the time about as hard against the platforms. He even allowed a selfie avec..un Uber driver.


The freighter adrift continues its slow way to the French coast – Le Figaro

VIDEO – If a final attempt to tow the freighter in distress Modern Express fails Monday, he will do more than accompany his stranding on the Landes coast

The cargo ship in distress whose crew was evacuated by helicopter Tuesday continues to drift into the Bay of Biscay and Sunday was a hundred kilometers off the Gironde, indicate the authorities sea.

The ship slowed its drift Sunday morning, about 2 knots (3.7 km / h), but has traveled almost 100 km in 24 hours. It was thus during the afternoon within 100 km west of Arcachon Bay, having continued its southwest drift into the night and the day, told AFP the Prefecture Atlantic Maritime.

towing Attempts of “Modern Express”, which always has a high house stabilized but no apparent entry of water, have failed since Friday afternoon. If towing is not possible, stranding “earlier this week is one of the possible”, said a spokesman of martime Prefecture, Commander Louis-Xavier Renaud. The prefecture relativize “the impact it would have on the environment, as there is no dangerous cargo on board, it’s wood. The only possible result of the possible rejection brêche gasoil bunkers during the grounding. ”

So, a last attempt to tow the freighter will be held Monday, but if that fails, the cargo ship “will fail” on the Landes coast “between Monday night and Tuesday night,” said Sunday Emmanuel de Oliveira, maritime prefect of the Atlantic. “Today, the sea is highest. We have a window of opportunity tomorrow Monday to try to move a trailer. The teams on site will once again do their utmost to complete this transaction, “said the vice-admiral at a press conference. The new attempt to tow should start Monday at dawn, he said. “But if the trailer is not passed tomorrow in the day, the Modern Express will fail on the sandy coast of the Landes department between Monday night and Tuesday night,” he said.

“Over the hours we will specify the stranding point, and the time expected,” said the Prefect. “We will accompany the ship to the course stranding point in trying until the last moment to stop this drift. Then everything will be done to control the consequences of the grounding, “he said.

” The cargo presents no danger to the environment. Bunkers ship propulsion diesel are honest, we have not detected these days no fuel leak, so we consider that the hull is tight today. But when beaching, gaps may occur in the hold, causing limited pollution “, considered the Squadron Vice-Admiral.

The processing means and containment of potential discards are already being implemented, he assured. “If the ship were to fail, we would take a Polmar Plan (Sea marine pollution) and the prefect of the Landes take a dirt Polmar plan to address pollution coming to earth.”

“I Fear not black tide “, however, assured the maritime prefect. He explained wanting “to the fullest extent possible to avoid this stranding.” But if the ship fails, “the bailout today seems to me little likely, given the ship’s condition and his house, and size, I think it is rather towards dismantling that one s’ guide, “said he said.

The Modern Express carries, besides its cargo, 300 tons of fuel oil propulsion. For comparison, the Prestige tanker sank in November 2002 off the coast of Galicia, was carrying 77,000 tons of fuel oil, 63,000 tons of which were discharged. “This has nothing to do with the Modern Express,” said the prefect


Several buildings remained Sunday in the area: a frigate, a tug, a French-pollution vessel, and two Spanish tugs hired by the Lifesaving Society <. / p>

The Modern Express, 164 m long, recently built (2001) and registered in Panama Tuesday had issued a distress signal at 280 km from the northwest tip of Spain, following a heavy list, perhaps due to undocking of its cargo. Its 22 crew were evacuated by Spanish helicopters.



French growth advanced to 0.2% in Q4 thanks to investment –


Yann Le Guernigou

PARIS (Reuters) – French growth slowed slightly in the fourth quarter 2015, the good performance of investment to offset weakness of household consumption related to the mild weather and, to a lesser extent, the Islamist attacks of November.

The gross domestic product for the period came out up 0.2%, a level consistent the expectations of economists, according to preliminary estimates released Friday by INSEE.

The institute confirmed at the same time the 0.3% increase recorded in the third quarter, that on the whole of 2015, the French economy grew on average by 1.1%, its highest level since 2011, after + 0.2% in 2014.

The government forecast was 1.0%.

In a statement, Finance Minister Michel Sapin believes that “despite the inevitable consequences of the attacks (…) the French have not given up” in the last quarter.

“Business investment increased by 2% in 2015, construction finally off again at the end of year,” he said, adding, “The recovery must be amplified in 2016 and enable us to have more jobs. That is our priority. “

Ludovic Martin, economist at Credit Agricole, said that the composition of the final quarter GDP is” heterodox “.

“French growth is usually driven by household consumption but then it fell 0.4%, which is quite widely due to the attacks and mild temperatures,” he says .

At the same time, business investment rose for the fourth consecutive quarter, posting its highest level since early 2008, before the crisis, and “to rise, if not strong, begins to settle over time, “added the economist.


Another positive, household investment (+ 0.1%) ended nine consecutive quarters of decline, which is consistent with the best orientation of the property market.

This trend reversal is a good omen for 2016 while the slump in the construction cost in the last two years of about 0.4 percentage point on average for French growth.

The rebound (0.7%) of the household consumption of goods recorded in December, after a month of November when their spending on clothing and energy had dropped, is also promising for the rest.

“If we add the surprise investment side, we believe that French growth should accelerate significantly in the first quarter 2016,” said in a note François Cabaut economist of Barclays bank.

In its latest forecast, published in late December, Insee expected a rise of 0.4% of GDP for January-March, a level also expected by economists surveyed by Reuters.

The little slowdown in the last quarter that the French economy in 2016 deals with gains of 0.35% limited growth.

Philippe Waechter, Chief Economist of Natixis Asset Management, notes that in these conditions, it will grow by 0.45% per quarter to the 1.5% withheld by the government for this year.

“It’s ambitious,” he wrote in a note.

(edited by Yves Clarisse)


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Higher wages, golden parachute: the excesses of Paris Habitat – Le Figaro

The first social landlord Ile-de-France gives many benefits to its employees and especially its management, according to detailed inspection reports by Le Parisien.

The tenants of social housing managed by Paris Habitat will be surprised to learn that their rents finance the largesse of their social landlord. Paris Habitat, which manages a fleet of 122,000 units reserved for modest people in Ile-de-France, offers its 3,000 employees, and especially its leadership, too many benefits, denounced several inspection reports released by Le Parisien Today . ‘hui en France this Saturday

These benefits include high average wages: 2,300 euros gross per month for a guardian to 3170 euros for the rest of the staff. From 2008-2014, wages have jumped 20%! In addition to the base salary, each employee receives a 13th month, a target bonus and profit-sharing bonus (which reached 1,048 euros on average in 2014). Last year, employees have even received a bonus of 200 euros to welcome the ISO certification Paris Habitat. Employees can still inflate their earnings by redeeming leave seven days on seven weeks they receive in the year (plus a week for those who go outside school holidays). The 22 days off can also be redeemed. The whole “the unbeatable price of one day bought equal a day’s wages,” says Le Parisien . In total, employees can benefit from the equivalent of a month’s salary in addition.

But it is mainly the conditions of remuneration of management that have boosted the Interministerial Mission of social housing inspection (Miilos) in 2013 and the General Inspectorate of the city of Paris in 2014. In the Parisien, one learns that the territorial directors or branch receive a salary of between 6,000 and 7,000 euros net per month (not including benefits listed above). The deputy directors receive remuneration for their part moving between 9,500 and 10,000 euros. More surprisingly, the CEO of Habitat Paris, Stéphane Dambrine, who took his post in 2011, obtained the payment of a fee of 207,000 euros gross per year, or about 14,000 euros net per month. He enjoyed the same benefits granted to the rest of the staff until the Miilos declares his employment contract “irregular” and forces him to go without. Stéphane Dambrine retained his golden parachute of € 500,000 in case of dismissal. He assured the Parisien that his contract has nothing irregular and has been validated by the board of directors.

His deputy CEO, Gilles Romano, is not far behind. Despite a salary of 9000 euros per month, it houses since 2000 in one of the housing of the Paris Habitat Park. It occupies more precisely a four-room apartment in the XII arrondissement. It is not social housing, says Le Parisien but an “intermediate” housing (PLI) where rent remains low compared to the market: about 1000 euros. The deputy director defended in the columns of the newspaper ensuring that it was a “four-piece false.” It also explains a part of executives entitled to this type of housing, and adds that he will be retired “shortly” and that in fact his income “will fall.”

Meanwhile, Gilles Romano is not required to pay surloyer and can not be deported because the law Molle, which can dislodge tenants earning at least twice the HLM income ceilings for two consecutive years does not apply to LIP.

“We must do away with abuses shocking”

Alerted on the subject, Ian Brossat, PCF deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of housing, therefore calls for a broadening of the scope of this law and the PLI non-contracted housing. The mayor of Paris has sent his side end of 2015, a letter as a call to order in Paris Habitat and three other social landlords. She asks them to commit to greater transparency in the allocation of housing, a struggle against “the park’s occupancy anomalies” and a “tight grip” of the payroll. The management teams are also called the “fiscal restraint”. Objective: “away with shocking abuse,” says Ian Brossat.

The controls will also be strengthened by the creation of the National Agency of social housing control (Ancols) whose powers are greatly expanded.


The French group will sell ATR 40 aircraft to Iran – L’Express

The French aerospace industry has found a new client of choice. After the announced sale of 118 Airbus to Iran, the Shiite power expressed its willingness Saturday to buy 40 aircraft to the French group ATR regional transport aircraft. The company is the world leader in regional turboprop aircraft.

We discussed Italy and France. The ATR officials must come in the coming days in Tehran to finalize the deal, “said Vice Minister of Transport Asghar Fakrieh Kashan.” There will be 20 firm orders and 20 optional, “he added, without specifying the amount of the transaction.

Sale of estimated Airbus 10000000000

During the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Italy and France, Iran has already signed a contract for the purchase of 118 Airbus aircraft to be delivered over the next four years. Quoted by the Iranian media, FakriehKashan Asghar said that the amount of the agreement for the purchase of Airbus was from 9.2 to 10.1 billion euros, while the above mentioned amount was 23 billion euros

STORIES & gt;. & gt; The lessons of Professor Rohani

The total purchased Airbus is divided into 73 wide-body and 45 single aisle Airbus detailed in a statement. Other French companies such as Bouygues, Total and SNCF hope-they also signs contracts with Tehran.

Lifting of the embargo

Since the signing of the agreement on nuclear power and the lifting of international sanctions that followed in Iran Indeed reactivated its relations with several Western countries. The airline industry in Iran was subject to a US embargo dating from 1995 that prevented Western manufacturers to sell equipment and spare parts for Iranian companies, pinning and ground part of their fleet.

The head of the Iranian civil aviation had indicated in 2015 that Iran would need 400-500 airliners in the next decade. The Iranian fleet currently comprises 140 aircraft in operation, whose average age is about 20 years.


Drivers of taxis and VTC called to protest Wednesday – The Point

LOTI, that is to say public transport on request, have called for a demonstration Wednesday in Paris, with support from many platforms including VTC Uber, in response to measures taken by the Government to meet the taxis.

At the origin of this call, Joseph Francis, president of the association Alternative Mobility Transport (AMT), which includes a dozen capability transport companies, called LOTI, a thousand employees, told AFP it would be “a silent march as we are mourning “.

The association protested against the” turnaround “Manuel Valls who on Thursday called for” open a dialogue to find a way out “, but after a meeting with taxis” Declar (e ) (Friday) that our profession is illegal. “

Manuel Valls received Thursday night for nearly three hours all taxi organizations were mobilized for three days in particular against the misuse LOTI of vehicles.

Prime Minister promised them “incessant controls” to “fraud” and a strengthening in 12 departments of controls for VTC. A follow-up meeting of these checks will take place every week with the mediator, the deputy PS Laurent Grandguillaume.

But the fear of LOTI is not able at all to use the Internet platforms booking as Uber after sending letters of formal notice about twenty platforms VTC particular emphasis on the issue of LOTI transit licenses, the government feels unduly used by VTC.

“It seems that the platforms no longer have the right to work with (carriers) LOTI “which may lead to” thousands of people point to the employment center, “has indeed alarmed the CEO of private chauffeurs Yan Hascoet which however had not yet received a letter of formal notice on Saturday night.

The AMT Association therefore calls “open a real debate for a compensation of taxi licenses in order to exist. This march is open to all corporations transportation, taxis, VTC, and consumers, “said Mr. Francis.

Platforms Uber France, private drivers, fives and SnapCar have also echoed this call with their” partners “, have they told AFP.

– a union boycott call –

For their part, platforms Marcel Drivers and Allocab and Voituresnoires Driveforme and companies that rent cars to drivers VTC indicated support this initiative, as training centers for drivers and CTI capability.

Certainly, the LOTI licenses were not intended to make VTC benefits, “but the last four years, the conditions access to VTC license have ceased to be reviewed and tightened under the pressure of taxis, contradicts common sense and the public interest, “recalls the company Snapcar in a document to its partners, including the AFP obtained a copy.

The SCP-Unsa VTC, VTC first drivers’ union established in November 2015, however, calls to boycott the gathering.

“Yes, we are threatened but it’s Uber got us into this mess and it is out of question to join this society, “told AFP the general secretary of the union, Sayah Baaroun.

“We fell into a trap,” said the trade unionist, noting that “many drivers are indebted for automobile loans thinking that this activity was profitable and above all legal.”

“How you want to live and build a future with a company that has no qualms to deactivate your account network to stop receiving racing, which yesterday lowered tariffs without wanting to discuss, do not pay a cent in France and brought a destructive model our social values, “writes Unsa SCP-VTC in a statement

1/30/2016 9:01:16 p.m. -. Paris (AFP) – By Emmanuelle TRECOLLE – © 2016 AFP


Thomas Fabius heard in a wrong for investigation, fraud and money laundering – The Point

Sources close to the case have reported that Thomas Fabius, son of the Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, was heard Friday by a Paris investigating judge for a possible indictment in connection with an investigation forgery, fraud and money laundering. A judicial inquiry was opened in 2013 to clarify significant movements of funds that could have passed through the accounts of Thomas Fabius, regular client casinos.

The magistrates of the financial hub are also interested in the acquisition in 2012 of an apartment of about 300 square meters, located Boulevard Saint-Germain in the heart of Paris, for seven million euros, a transaction that was the subject of a report to the anti-money laundering cell Bercy, Tracfin. Thomas Fabius had been placed noon in custody in mid-December as part of this survey.

Precedents with the law

The son of the Foreign Minister, at this custody mid-December, had assured that the property had been “partly funded by gains from the game and in part by a bank loan,” according to a source familiar with the matter. The investigation started in late 2011 by a complaint from the Societe Generale, which accused him of having published a fake email while he was in Morocco.

“According to the complaint, email was allegedly written by his bank advisor and gave the impression to a Moroccan casino Thomas Fabius would soon be the recipient of EUR 200 000, “according to a source close to the investigation. Thomas Fabius has already been in trouble with the law. It is particularly targeted by an arrest warrant issued by the prosecutor in late October of Nevada in the United States. He is accused of having written in 2012 wooden checks totaling more than $ 3.5 million (€ 3.2 million) in several Las Vegas casinos.


HLM: the amazing generosity of Paris Habitat – Le Parisien

In 2012, barely came to power, Hollande planed 30% treatment of his ministers and secretaries of state as his own remuneration. In times of crisis, the public sector had to be exemplary.

With 122,000 units, the first social landlord Ile-de- France, Paris Habitat, whose homes spring up with public money and operates at 75% thanks to very modest people rents should be in this case.

Well … no ! A close look at his numbers and balance sheets, it is far from the budgetary scarcity. Its approximately 3000 employees? Higher wages, paid leave, RTT (taken or paid in gold) … this public HLM Office, which has the status of Epic *, rivals imagination to be ever more attractive. The latest example: in 2015, each employee received a bonus of € 200 for the welcome the ISO certification Paris Habitat

The more you climb the pay scale, plus the numbers are panicking.. Here, a director’s salary is around € 7,000, a deputy DG émarge around € 9,000 net or more. As the Director General, Stéphane Dambrine, whose salary levels reached almost unknown to the public, it also boasts a discreet golden parachute – € 500,000 – in case of dismissal. This provision of the employment contract had moved administrators of the house when he arrived in 2011.

In recent years, several inspections of Paris Habitat resulted in a call for more moderation, whether the public report of the General Inspectorate of the City of Paris in 2014 or the report (confidential to date) that the sector policeman Milos had made in early 2013. In that document that “Parisien” – “Today in France” has purchased the Milos had pointed the “irregular” nature of certain clauses of the employment contract of the CEO – the latter assures us s’ be in good standing for.

In a letter to recovery paces in hand, sent late 2015 to the four social landlords (Paris Habitat, RIVP, Elogie and SIEMP) with which the City will now sign an agreement, the Mayor Paris, Anne Hidalgo, their sets clear objectives in terms of activity: housing production, possible relocation, unpaid … She recalls, too, the moralization of certain practices and the fight against the “anomalies” occupation Social park. This will be welcomed. For when one digs, one still finds that one of the deputy DG of Paris Habitat, which émarge to € 9,000 net per month, has fifteen years of assisted housing in the “PH” park.

An extract of the letter the town hall of Paris sent to the chairman of the board of directors of Habitat Paris.

The good news in this table a little squeaky: recently, Milos and another control bodies merged to create the Ancols **. “Right away after intercourse, opportunities to seek penalties or sanctions for non-compliance with the recommendations, not to mention the systematic publication of all our relationships … our powers are greatly expanded”, says the new director, Pascal Martin-gusset. We bet that with a new supergendarme, the sector will accelerate the necessary changes.

* public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature.

 ** National Agency for the Control of social housing.

A house very, very generous …

Small inventory of sacred benefits enjoyed by employees of Paris 3000 Habitat.

Salaries rosy. At the first social landlord in France, not only the average wages are high (a guard earns about € 2,300 gross per month on average the remaining staff émarge to € 3,170), but they are growing fast: from from 2008 to 2014, the workforce grew by 3%, remuneration, they have jumped 20%.

Bonus of all kinds. In addition to his salary, each collects a 13th month and an incentive bonus. More surprisingly, since 2006, an incentive system has been put in place. “We did everything to not be out of the legality of nails,” says a trade unionist who was involved in the negotiation. The average amount distributed based on collective criteria (time relocation …) was 457 € per employee in the beginning. In 2014, it reached € 1,048. A new agreement, renegotiated in mid-2015 should be even more favorable. From 2008-2014, the amounts allocated to this device almost doubled, and exceeded € 3 million.

 Working time: the jackpot.
The provisions on working time allow many employees to earn the equivalent of one month’s salary and more! Everyone is entitled to seven weeks of holidays per year (plus a week for those who go outside school holidays). Add 22 days of RTT, which can take half-days. That you can also set a time savings account (up to 20 days per year). Icing on the cake: everyone can redeem up to 7 days off – the unbeatable price of one day bought = one day’s salary – as the 22 days off. Finally, these are then can be placed in five years on accounts that the company abounds at 30%. Who says better?

pampered directors. The secret is safe. End of 2014, after several letters unheeded, the labor inspector Yves Sinigaglia went to the siege of Paris Habitat, for the ten highest salaries in the house. Another failure reporting and prosecution. “It would have been illegal to give them”, defends the Director General, Stéphane Dambrine. One certainty in this opacity: executives do not have to complain. Territorial managers or in charge of a branch perceive, according to our information, between € 6,000 and € 7,000 net per month (not including the 13th month, premiums, redemption RTT …). As for assistant general managers, they received wages between 9500 and € 10,000 net, more than a salary … Minister (nearly € 10,000 gross more official accommodation)! “For a long time this area has been somewhat controlled, leaders are awarded high incomes, and it will be difficult to go back,” decrypts a former controller. Another notable fact: the high salaries are progressing fast. “Le Parisien” – “Today in France” could see the confidential balance sheets presented annually to directors: between 2006 and 2014, the “management bodies” item increased from 2.4 to € 3.34 million, + 40%. For management, this is explained by the fact that “in 2014, there were 14 or 15 directors.” And in 2006? The DG no one “remembers”.


Air France will deploy the wifi on all its long-haul flights – the

The decision is finally taken. At least for the long haul. According to sources, three years after announcing wifi tests on its airplanes, Air France has decided to install a wireless system aboard its entire fleet of long-haul aircraft by 2020 (one hundred devices).

Tests with Orange on two A320

However, the tests continue on the medium-haul fleet. Since January 12, a system in partnership with Orange is tested on two A320, one on short-haul flights, the other on medium-haul flights.

Asked, Air France confirmed that “the JEC (Joint Executive Comitee) Air France-KLM has validated the principle of offer Wifi to all customers. But the company says will not be able to provide technical and commercial information as discussions are still ongoing with the service provider.

The test flights were equipped with a Panasonic system.

Satellite Link

Air France will use a satellite link for wifi. The latter he will pay? According to an executive of Air France, the decision is actually not yet decided. Air France fears that a completely free access prejudice the ability of bandwidths. The idea is to emulate the practice of a large number of hotels and offer both a free system and premium quality basic system very good speed.

Compared with US companies whose planes are nearly all equipped on the internal network and increasingly on international flights (in February, the wifi will be available on all Delta international flights), European carriers are behind in the field of wireless .

Lufthansa with Inmarsat

Vueling began last year and other companies are trying to follow. The German company Lufhansa, which was one of the first companies in the world to offer an internet access system on board there are more than 10 years, announced in September that it would offer access to high speed internet on all short and medium-haul flights from the summer of 2016. The German company will use satellite technology Inmarsat Global Xpress Inmarsat network, which will allow passengers to access the Internet on their mobile devices via a wireless network. “Internet use is not limited to reading the mail, and will provide access to sophisticated applications and even videos,” says Lufthansa, which promises to passengers that they can “surf the Internet at speeds similar to that they can find at home. “


Friday, January 29, 2016

Xerox splits in two, separating document processing and services – Express

The first, on the processing of documents, bring together the historical activities of the group whose famous copiers, printers and other scanners.

The second will be dedicated to services in the fields of transport, health, commerce and administration.

The transaction should be finalized by the end of the year.

Shortly after his arrival at the head of the company in 2009, Ms. Burns had attempted a daring turn by launching Xerox in the services sector.

But the reorientation of the company, started in 2010 with the acquisition of ACS, has not had the desired effect and the group restructuring for several years.

The company, based in Connecticut on the east coast of the United States, has also announced a new program savings of 2.4 billion over the next three years.

The title lost last year nearly a third of its value on the New York Stock Exchange. Friday at 8:20 p.m. GMT, however it progressed 5.09% to 9.69 dollars after announcing the split.

The activities of the two new companies, whose names and directions have not yet been decided, “ cover different realities in terms of markets and customers “, has Burns justified in a conference call.

Everything related document processing “ faced a modest structural decline “, with companies seeking such to reduce printing costs when related activities services “ stakeholders are a growing market but rapidly changing “, she noted.

When choosing the decommissioning option, Xerox follows the traces of the computer giant Hewlett Packard which formalized in November its separation into two companies, one dedicated to services and products for companies, the other maintaining the historical activities in printers and computers.

– New eBay –

After a net loss in the third quarter, Xerox announced late October a strategic review of all its activities, without detailing what options were on Table.

Carl Icahn had burst into the Xerox capital a few weeks later, in November, gradually increasing its stake to become the second largest shareholder with 8.13% of the capital behind the Vanguard fund (8, 4%).

Burns assured on CNBC that the arrival of billionaire bubbling did not influence the strategy of Xerox, saying he had “ nothing to do with setting road, reflection, analysis or discussion of the operation “split.

Nevertheless, Mr. Icahn has never hidden want to discuss with the leadership of Xerox ways to improve operational performance and seek other strategic routes.

It will be offered three nine seats in the board of the new company dedicated to services.

The businessman is deemed to interfere in the management of companies in which it invests, with great fanfare of media statements. Among his recent exploits include the split between the online trade group and eBay subsidiary PayPal online payment.

He also makes direct reference to this precedent weapon in a tweet, writing: “ I applaud and respect Urusula Burns to do what she thinks is the will of shareholders, as John Donahoe did for eBay and Paypal “.

This announcement accompanies the distribution of lackluster results.

Xerox has split its net profit more than doubled throughout the year, generating $ 488 million against profits of 1.01 billion in 2014.

Its sales business, down from 8% to 18.05 billion dollars, is shown below expectations.

But adjusted per share excluding exceptional items, earnings were 98 cents, slightly above the 95 cents expected by analysts.

His forecast adjusted earnings per share of between $ 1.10 and $ 1.20 in 2016 also slightly exceeded forecasts.

Following the split, the rating agency Standard and Poor’s downgraded Friday Xerox rating to “ BBB – ” negative watch, considering that the continued decline the results of the treatment division documents could lead to relegate the note group speculative grade.


Xerox splits in two, the investor Carl Icahn satisfied – The

Less than three months after its rival Hewlett Packard, it is the turn of Xerox to split into two. The American manufacturer of printers and photocopiers should be divided before the end of 2016, in two independent companies listed on the stock market, one oriented document management and one devoted to services.

“The realities of the market today require agility and greater flexibility, an ability to innovate and adapt technology to constantly changing customer needs, and a more precise approach efficient operations and capital allocation, “explained the group in a statement.

Under the leadership of Ursula Burns, the company has shifted in the services market 2010, affilated with the acquisition of computer services. The group, whose market value has fallen by over 30% over the last 12 months, in fact seeks to expand its software and services businesses to offset slower demand printers.

Xerox plans to provide three seats of the board of the new service company (out of nine) to activist investor Carl Icahn, who entered the capital of the company in November last year (he now owns 8.13%). A few weeks earlier, Xerox announced a strategic review of all its activities following poor quarterly results. The Xerox CEO Ursula Burns said Friday on CNBC that “Carl Icahn had no part in the decision to split the company.”

Ilire Carl Icahn, the activist investor who terrorizes large companies

This has not prevented the billionaire investor to express its satisfaction on Twitter, following the announcement of Xerox: “ I applaud and I respect Ursula Burns makes what it believes to be the will of the shareholders, as John Donahoe did for Ebay (of which he is CEO, Ed) and Paypal “.

Under pressure from billionaire eBay had separated from its subsidiary Paypal payment while Manitowoc has split its floods manufacturing activities from those of catering equipment. Despite what Ursula Burns, the activist investor can indeed claim to have succeeded in convincing several companies to split their businesses with high growth in the rest of the group.

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Wall Street jumps fence, reassured about the economic outlook – Le Point

Wall Street jumped fence Friday as its European counterparts enjoying the unexpected intervention of the Bank of Japan, as well as US indicators subdued: the Dow Jones gained 2.47% and the Nasdaq 2.38%.

According to final results, the index Featured Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 396.66 points 16,466.30 points and the Nasdaq, dominated by technology, 107.28 points 4.613 ., 95 points

Considered the most representative by many investors, the broader S & amp;. P 500 gained 2.48% or 46.88 points to 1940.24 point

The increase of the indices accelerated late in the session after the oil market has signed a fourth session straight increase.

At the opening, investors had greeted d On the one hand the intervention of the Bank of Japan, raising hopes that other central banks will also listen to their concerns for the global economy, and also the US data showing a sluggish growth, but without Short-term recession spectrum.

The Bank of Japan made a surprise by imposing negative interest rates on bank deposits, to push companies and individuals to spend and invest. This delighted the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the European stock exchanges.

In addition, the gross domestic product of the United States came out up only 0.7% in the fourth quarter, showing that even at floor rates, companies were reluctant to invest.

In addition, consumer confidence has deteriorated against all odds in January, according to the University of Michigan, but at the same time economic activity in Chicago area rebounded sharply after two months of contraction

With all this, “the market has had two things he wanted. Signs of an economy that has slowed down, which away the prospect of a rate hike [directors] too fast [the US], but at the same time a sign that the economy is doing rather well “with Chicago indicator, said Gregori Volokhine at Meeschaert Financial Services

-. Contrasting developments –

The e-commerce giant Amazon plunged 7.61% to 587.00 dollars after its results considered disappointing for the holiday season, despite a jump of 20% of annual turnover, together with a return to profit.

However, Microsoft jumped 5.83% to 55.09 dollars. The strength of its activities in the “cloud” of cloud computing services, have contributed to a better than expected, although net income and revenue declined.

Chevron oil was driven by the recovery in the oil market, which moved to the background its results, winning a total of 0.64% to 86.47 dollars. Weakened by the fall of black gold, it recorded its first annual net loss since 2002.

Xerox took 5.63% to 9.75 dollars after announcing its split into two independent companies, one devoted to document management and other services, as demanded by activist investor Carl Icahn.

The Honeywell Industrial Group gained 5.34% to 103 20 dollars. It generated an annual net profit up, together with sales down slightly and confirmed its forecast.

American Airlines, which took advantage of cheap kerosene to more than double its annual profit, despite the erosion of its sales, gained 2.23% to 38.99 dollars.

The group of hygiene products and household Colgate Palmolive has won 3, 86% to 67.53 dollars despite a 36% fall in annual profit, together with a more severe decline than expected sales.

The video game publisher Electronic Arts plunged 7.52% to 64.55 dollars. The success of a game derived from Star Wars has not prevented from delivering disappointing forecasts.

The pharmaceutical company Gilead dropped 5.18% to 83 dollars. Its CEO John Martin decided to hand over the reins to his number two John Milligan.

His rival Amgen gained 2.95% to 152.73 dollars after having adjusted its forecasts upwards, at Following a strong performance in 2015.

The bond market was rising. The yield on ten-year Treasury was displayed at 1.924% against 1.982% Thursday evening, and that good for 30 years at 2.749% against 2.788% yesterday.

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Xerox, Amazon … extension contraction – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox.

No mercy for the castaways of digital. Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, has surrendered. It will cut his business in half. On the one hand, the activity of business services, on the other, photocopiers which made the fortune and the world-famous company. Heartbreaking for her, since it amounts to destroy his work, patiently built since 2010. At that time, she had put her hand to more than 6 billion dollars (5.5 billion euros) on the ACS company and its 74 000 people worldwide working in call centers and management systems for companies and administrations

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But she did not resist the steamroller Carl Icahn, the activist investor who jumped on this fragile prey. He was right. The company is going wrong long ago and can not recover. Its sales of copiers inexorably down, and even its business services recorded losses of contracts with governments.

Too messy, too late, Xerox did not carry the mutation fruit. It’s not for lack of trying. At the height of its power in the 1970s, thriving on strong patents, the company has even turned into star of Silicon Valley. Its Palo Alto Research Lab, PARC, had become a true Mecca of innovation.

have emerged as significant inventions of the Ethernet protocol, the GUI, mouse, all these bricks basic microcomputer. These discoveries will make the fortune of turbulent entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates … but not that of Xerox, which never managed to get out of highly profitable long term niche copying.

Celebrity Obsession digital

The art of diversification is difficult mix of strategy – what channels to borrow – and execution – how to combine growth and profitability. IBM has a successful shift to services and software, by gradually withdrawing equipment. Kodak has not been so lucky, Xerox either.

These are so diverse trajectories that obsess the new stars of the digital like Google or Amazon. We must move quickly on his heart craft in order to gain a dominant position, and at the same time, press it to expand its activities and find new pockets of growth. The gamble paid off for Amazon, which has just passed the $ 100 billion in revenues bar. Never seen in such a short time (twenty years). In 2015, its turnover increased by 20%, while its “physical” rivals saw their sales stagnate and close stores.

At the same time, the cost of this growth increases proportion and destroyed much of profitability. The markets very lenient towards Amazon, now appear to be frightened and sanction on the stock exchange, fearing that the giant trade losing his muscles, trying too hard to expand at all costs to escape the fate of Xerox.


Xerox splits in two under pressure from activist Icahn –

Xerox, under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn, will split into two companies: one devoted to the processing of documents, including its famous copiers, the other dedicated services. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the year.

Announced on the occasion of the publication of the annual results 2015, this development marks a halt to the strategy of diversification into services set up after the arrival of the CEO Ursula Burns of the group in 2009.

“The realities of the market today require agility and greater flexibility, an ability to innovate and adapt technology to constantly changing customer needs and a more precise and efficient approach to operations and capital allocation, “explained the group in a statement.

Savings Plan

The reorientation of Xerox, which began in 2010 with the acquisition of ACS Group, has not had the desired effect and the group, best known for its copiers, printers and scanners, is restructuring after several years.

The company, based in Connecticut on the east coast of the United States, has also announced Friday, January 29 a program to 2.4 billion savings on next three years. He hopes to cut costs by $ 700 million in 2016.

When choosing the option of dismantling, Xerox follows the example of the giant Hewlett Packard computer, which formalized his separation in November Two companies, one dedicated to services and products for businesses, the other keeping the historical activities in printers and computers.

New eBay

After a net loss in Q3, Xerox announced late October a strategic review of all its activities, without detailing what options were on the table.

Carl Icahn had burst into the Xerox capital a few weeks later in November, gradually increasing its stake to become the second largest shareholder with 8.13% of the capital behind the Vanguard fund (8.4%).

Ursula Burns provided on CNBC that the arrival of billionaire bubbling did not influence the strategy of Xerox, saying it had “nothing to do with the initiation, reflection, analysis or discussion of Operation “split.

Nevertheless. Carl Icahn has never hidden want to discuss with the leadership of Xerox ways to improve operational performance and seek other strategic routes.

And it will be offered three seats in the new Board of Directors of the new company dedicated to services.

Worker split the eBay / PayPal

The businessman is deemed to interfere in the management of enterprises in which it invests, with great fanfare of media statements. Among his recent exploits include the split between the online trade group and eBay subsidiary PayPal payments.

He also makes direct reference to this precedent weapon in a tweet , writing: “I applaud and respect Urusula Burns to do what she thinks is the will of the shareholders, as John Donahoe did for eBay and PayPal”

On Wall Street, the title. the group, which was valued 9.71 billion dollars in exchange, took 3.20% to 9.52 dollars.

As for results, Xerox has split its net profit more than doubled on whole year, generating $ 488 million against profits of 1.01 billion in 2014.

Its turnover, down from 8% to 18.05 billion dollars, s’ appears below forecasts. But adjusted per share excluding exceptional items, earnings were 98 cents, slightly above the 95 cents expected by analysts. Its forecast for adjusted earnings per share of between $ 1.10 and $ 1.20 in 2016 also slightly exceeds the forecast.

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Barbie exchange silhouette –

Mattel wants to propose more consistent with the real world dolls, but also trying to revive sales down for four years …

( ) – the most famous doll in the world is changing silhouette to fit the real world. Mattel announced the launch of its new models of Barbie, in “round”, “small” or “large”, away from the lanky version launched 57 years ago … Mattel will now offer seven skin colors, 22 colors eyes, and multiple haircuts. “We are delighted to totally change the face of the brand,” said Evelyn Mazzocco, senior vice president and general manager of the brand.

“These new dolls represent a line that is more representative of the world that girls observe around them. The variety of body types, skin colors and style will allow them to find a doll that speaks to them. “

Increased competition, declining sales

“We believe we have a responsibility vis-à-vis girls and parents to reflect a broader vision of beauty,” she continues, while the doll, which presents measurements that not human, was very long criticized for imposing a “diktat” aesthetic from an early age. But Mattel must also face sales decline in four years.

The latest available figures show a 14% decline in turnover in the third quarter 2015, compared to the same period last year before. Barbie must face the particular success of new dolls, like “Snow Queen”, which recovered the Hasbro license in December …

  – © 2016


Oil: Moscow hopes a move OPEC – The World

Le Monde | • Updated | By

The Russian energy minister Alexander Novak  - here March 2, 2015 - said that if OPEC meeting  was taking place, his country would participate.

Oil markets are in search of any decision likely to make up classes. They come to find one: the prospect of a meeting, in the course of February, between producing countries, whether or not members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which could lead to lower crude production. Prices are reassembled, Thursday, January 28, to close at 34.48 dollars per barrel of Brent in London and 33.68 dollars per barrel WTI in New York.

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“Some countries have proposed such an initiative and the issue is being studied by different countries, announced on Thursday, the Minister Russian energy. From our side, we confirmed the possibility of our participation. “ M. Novak referred to a “coordination” with OPEC in a context where prices fell in mid-January under 28 dollars a barrel.
“Currently, OPEC countries are trying to convene a meeting with the participation of OPEC members and non-members countries in February” said Mr. Novak, quoted by Russian news agencies.

M. Novak went further by explaining that the Saudi kingdom, lead manager of the thirteen OPEC members, had several times proposed to reduce oil production in each country up to 5% to support prices. Saudi Arabia would not be hostile to such a decline, provided it is shared; but she would not bear alone the market consolidation efforts at the expense of market share.

True reversal

Such an outcome would be a real change. So far, the cartel proved divided and Riyadh has imposed his strategy, which led to a collapse in prices (- 70% since June 2014). All members now pumping at their maximum potential, except Saudi Arabia, to maintain their market share. Russia took part in this fast movement. Its daily production reached 10.7 million barrels in 2015, a record since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991

For now, the Saudi Arabia has not officially responded, and the prospect of OPEC policy change by tightening the valves away. Four members of the cartel have even acknowledged that they had never heard of the discussions raised by Mr. Novak

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Despite a heavy budget deficit in 2015 and 2016, Saudi Arabia is not desperate. This does not even Russia, 50% of budget revenues come from oil and gas. Already hit by Western sanctions imposed after the annexation of the Crimea, in 2016 it entered its second year of recession, with a ruble at an all-time low against the dollar. The government must get out of this situation. “If prices remain at a low level for a long time, some decline [of production] can , recently said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. Our partners know that. “

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We may question the word ” partners “ particularly with regard to oil monarchies of the Gulf. Russia has an observer seat on OPEC. The cartel and Russia certainly weigh for 40% of world production, but they have never wanted to coordinate their action. When Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City tightened the valves, Moscow took advantage of the rise in prices without having to cut production, otherwise at the margin. In addition, the two countries have divergent political interests in the Middle East: Russia supports the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and his Iranian ally, the sworn enemy of the Saudi kingdom


It is therefore necessary to take these ads very carefully. It would also have Russia and its many producers make disciplined. Nothing is less sure. Mr. Novak has met on Wednesday to propose their “ possible coordination” with OPEC. But competition is fierce within the country, which, moreover, does not have large storage capacities, experts say. The year 2015 has shown that as the price of oil is above operational extraction costs, companies continue to pump.

In September 2015, the CEO of public giant Rosneft announced that OPEC had proposed to Russia to join. But several factors make this utopian approach, by the admission of Igor Sechin, a close Putin. Part of the production is provided by private companies that are not in the Kremlin orders, which is unusual for OPEC,” where public company is usually an outgrowth of the state. In addition, extreme weather conditions of the Far North and Siberia make it difficult to fast regulation of the Russian production. And, more profoundly, Moscow may consider submitting his production – and its budget revenue. – The decisions of an international cartel

As for the United States (about 9.5 million barrels per day) partly responsible for the current overproduction and falling prices, they are not intended to go to such a meeting. Only the iron law of the market will bend the oilmen Texans. And some analysts question whether Russia will not support the rumor on purpose of such a meeting to raise prices

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Taxi strike: the police headquarters announces the end blockages – Le Figaro

Despite some resistance including the side of the Porte Maillot, Paris, taxi drivers break camp gradually. The mediator will meet with taxis and VTC next Tuesday.

Five days is the time Aura took the taxi strike, angry against the VTC, called “taxis counterfeit.” It took the intervention of Manuel Valls for it terminates and the appointment of a mediator – a second after Thomas Thévenoud in February 2014 – to enforce the law. This Friday, twenty diehards were still posted in front of the Palais des congrès de Paris, refusing “promises” and the assurances given to the profession in the night by the Prime Minister. CRS were forced to intervene to force them to leave. Those who have decided not to move, remove their cars are seen:

Elsewhere, there is no gathering or at Bercy or the vicinity of Orly and Roissy airports. Police headquarters announced on his Twitter account that the blockades are lifted in the Paris region.

After the meeting with Manuel Valls, several professional organizations called drivers on strike at removing dams such as the National Taxi Union (UNT), which welcomed the entry into a ” positive phase. ” Others, unions (FO, CFDT, SDCTP) or associations (Taxis de France), very active in the Paris mobilization, were open to a lifting of the movement, but have indicated they consult the database prior to any decision. They say, for the most part satisfied with the measures announced by the Prime Minister on Thursday night.

“We will send letters of formal Demeur about twenty platforms. If they do not put in order, there will be sanctions “

Manuel Valls has promised notably strengthening controls VTC through the creation of a surveillance brigade, which generate no additional recruitments according to the Ombudsman, and left the door open to financial aid for the most disadvantaged taxis. This could smears tax and social security contributions. All subjects that taxis organizations will address Tuesday with the new mediator, Laurent Grandguillaume, socialist deputy of the Côte d’Or. “There is evidence of abuse by VTC, with the use of certain statutes to tax optimization and embarrass taxis, he said this morning on RTL. We will send letters of formal Demeur about twenty platforms, which will be made public, probably today. If they do not put in order, there will be sanctions. The state will be respected. ”


France: growth reached 1.1% in 2015 – Les Echos

GDP grew 0.2% in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to preliminary estimates released Friday by INSEE. An increase that allows growth to reach 1.1% for the full year after 0.2% in 2014.

Figures released Friday are online with the latest estimate by INSEE. To account for the effects of attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis but also a particularly mild weather year-end, official statisticians had revised down their initial estimate of 0.4%. For its part, the Bank of France showed a further optimism zest anticipating an increase of 0.3% for the fourth quarter.

“2015 was the year of the recovery “, says Michel Sapin, Minister of Finance. “Despite the inevitable consequences of the attacks” of November 13, “the French did not give up”


Investment, production and rising consumption

In detail, throughout the year, if the total investment stagnates , the companies showed an increase of 2%. The recovery in business spending is particularly noticeable in construction with an increase in the third quarter “for the first time since 2013″. In the manufacturing sector, investment spending also accelerate by year’s end.

Similarly, total production increased by 1.3% throughout the year. “It accelerates in manufacturing and market services while the decline in construction is growing,” explains INSEE.

As for household consumption, if it accelerates throughout the year (+ 1.4% after 0.6% in 2014), it is experiencing a cold snap in the fourth quarter with a decline of 0.4% which follows up the same scale. This against-performance however was widely expected as it reflects both against the shock of the attacks of 13 November on the behavior of French but also lower energy costs associated with a much milder winter than usual.

stocks Boost

Finally, if foreign trade still weigh on growth, GDP has once more of a boost due to inventory changes. These contribute 0.2 points to the growth of the whole year, Insee said stressing that the last quarter alone, “storage concerns including refined petroleum products and capital goods’ .

A related behavior of a part in the continued decline in oil prices and, for capital goods, the acceleration of investment expenditure recorded by INSEE this period.

First encouraging elements 2016

But this is now turning towards the future that is looks. And first published figures are somewhat encouraging. In January Indeed, consumer confidence has improved slightly, the French sounding more confident about the outlook for living standards in France. Similarly, the business climate appears, too, a slight improvement, driven by services, retail trade and construction



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Peugeot’s plan to regain Iran – Les Echos

How do you say “Back in the race” in Farsi? PSA formalized Thursday his return to Iran. The French manufacturer will create by the end of December a joint venture with Iran Khodro, thirty years his partner. The duo each hold 50% stake, and will inject 400 million euros to modernize Khodro factory, located a few kilometers west of Tehran. “Iran deserves that effort. We have a long tradition in this market “, says Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive of PSA.

” To my knowledge this is the first co-investment agreement signed in the car since the lifting of sanctions “, says Jean-Christophe Quémard, one of those who led complex negotiations for eighteen long months. “The positions were not naturally converging” , admits Carlos Tavares. The sudden withdrawal of PSA in 2012 had been “logically resented by our Iranian colleagues, we had to exceed these injuries without bitterness, without bitterness” , details the leader, who said that PSA was “left the duress country.” The manufacturer then considering a marriage with General Motors, for whom the “ business ” with Tehran was proscribed.

200,000 vehicles per year

A small national drama, as Leo is in court in Iran. In fact, three or four million Peugeot circulating in the country. In reality Khodro continued work (without having the right) of 405 and 206, from parts found in the region. In 2015, some 350,000 counterfeit Peugeot were produced in the suburb of Tehran. PSA holds so, virtually, yet 30% market share there. But all these vehicles are returned or in its accounts or in its statistics.

This incongruity, an argument that certainly has served PSA during the negotiations coming to an end. Soon in place, the joint venture will seek to replenish Khodro and parts dealership network, while preparing to produce 200,000 vehicles per year. The assembly of 2008, 301 and 308 – the chosen models – is expected to start the second half of 2017, at a rate of 15 vehicles / hour. More than 40% of parts of future vehicles will be manufactured locally, as requested by the Iranian authorities. Return conditions – “a package” – are “acceptable” , says Carlos Tavares, which always seeks to integrate Citroën in the Iranian situation. A priori, the associated potential of the brand to the rafters will not Khodro, Saipa but another local player. With that the brand had heard before 2012 …

Renault wants to be more present in Iran

Unlike PSA, Renault never left Iran and has sold 51,000 cars in 2015, a market share of 4.8%. On Thursday, the group said it will intensify its activities in the country and “prepare, with its two partners [SAIPA and Iran Khodro, Ed], new models launches” . Renault assembles in Iran local versions of the models ‘low-cost’ Dacia Logan and Sandero and a small pickup.
Iranian Industry Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, part of the official visit to Paris, confirmed that negotiations are underway with other French manufacturers but cautioned that no agreement would be finalized several months.