Sunday, October 30, 2016

The privatisation of the airports of Nice and Lyon formalized – The Echoes

And three. After the airport of Toulouse acquired in 2014 by chinese investors , the partial privatization of the airports of Nice and Lyon has been made official Sunday by two decrees published in the official Journal, which confirms the assignment to two consortia to separate the 60% participation of the State in each of the two airports.

Bercy was announced at the end of July the winners of the tender for the partial privatisation of the first two regional airports in French. The participation of the State in the airport of Nice had been assigned to a consortium consisting of the Italian Atlantia, of the Rome airport and EDF Invest, and the one in Lyon airport to a consortium made up of Vinci, Caisse des dépôts (CDC) and the group Predica.

But the assignments should still be the subject of a consultation of representatives of employees and an opinion of the competition Authority, had then said the ministries of Economy and Finance in their joint communiqué designating these buyers prospective.

the money to pay off debt

the Two orders dated October 28 and signed by the secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidalies, published Sunday in the official Journal, confirms these operations.

“The transfer of the 60% stake held by the State in the share capital of the company Airports of the Côte d’azur in a company under Italian law, constituted by the companies Atlantia SpA, Aeroporti di Roma SpA and Electricité de France is authorised,” said the first .

“The transfer of the 60% stake held by the State in the share capital of the company Airports of Lyon to a French-law company established by the companies of Vinci Airports and Predica, and by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations is allowed,” said the second .

A source close to Bercy had said this summer that the public authorities would be about 1.8 billion euros (1.22 billion for Nice and 535 million for Lyon) from these operations and that these funds would be used for the nuclear industry of france and the debt of the State.

Source Reuters


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