Monday, February 6, 2017

Mobility in banking : the UFC-que choisir wants to go further than the law Macron – The

to Change the bank as a telephone operator, is the goal to achieve, according to UFC-que choisir. In effect, the consumers ‘ association called for the implementation of number portability for bank account, in the manner of what is proposed in the mobile phone. In favour of this measure for several years, the UFC has reiterated its position in response to the implementation of the mandate of banking mobility, as early as this Monday, February 6, 2017.

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This measure, the outcome of the act Macron, opens the possibility for the customer to unload completely the steps related to a change of direct debit. By giving mandate to his new bank to carry out the steps in its place, the client does not need to take into contact with all the companies and people with that are put in place for withdrawals and transfers. In concrete terms, with your bank details, and mandate that you give him, the new bank will inform your energy supplier, your internet provider/phone, or the tax authority of the change of direct debit.

the fact that The client no longer has to do the legwork alone does not mean that the process will be much more fluid. In fact, the two banks will have to share between them in a first time, so that the new bank has to be aware of all withdrawals and automatic transfers set up. Then the new bank will need to contact each of the transmitters transfers and direct debits recurring. This process is supposed to take place in 22 days.

UFC-That to Choose, while recognizing that it constitutes “progress”, makes two main criticisms to the mandate of the mobility bank :

  • The implementation of the process will, therefore, not so easy as it and the association will be “especially vigilant about the gratuity and the quality of the service offered, in particular regarding the non-billing of charges incidents on account closed or insufficiently supplied, relating to samples or the presentation of cheques“.
  • According to the UFC, the law Macron doesn’t work, with this measure, “the obstacles of the most formidable in the banking mobility, namely the commitments of domiciliation of income in the framework of a real estate loan as well as the costs of transfer of savings products“.

The UFC-que choisir defends, therefore, the proposal of a system of portability of bank account, in order to restore completely the authority of the client in its mobility. In effect, this would amount to a change of bank without changing the bank details, as they change operator without changing the number. Therefore, there is no approach to be made to such or such issuers of credit transfers or withdrawals.


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