Thursday, February 2, 2017

I’ve never been an assistant to my husband , said Penelope Fillon in 2007, Le Figaro

VIDEO – The show Sent a Special announcement broadcast Thursday night of videos, unreleased interview of the wife of François Fillon to a british newspaper in 2007, where she admits that she does not assist her husband in his duties.

The comments back shortly after the appointment of François Fillon at Matignon in may 2007. Penelope Fillon will then grant the Sunday Telegraph an interview in which, asked to comment on her daily life, she claims to have “never been the assistant” to her husband, before adding: “I am not busy in his communication, not more.”

This evening, the broadcast of extracts of unpublished this interview by the magazine of Elise Lucet, Special Envoy, at the risk of embarrassing a little more in the defense of the candidate of the right for the presidential election. This video document of 45 minutes, which is no longer available on the internet, and that Le Figaro was not able to view reports according to excerpts quoted in the press that Penelope Fillon said he “was not at ease in the corridors of power” and states that it has no role to her husband, while she is supposed to have been his assistant parliamentarian, and that of Marc Joulaud, in the last ten years. On Wednesday evening, The Obs published on its website an employment contract of Penelope Fillon over the period 1998 to 2002, showing that she was hired as an assistant parliamentary François Fillon to the permanent parliamentary of the straight at le Mans.

questioned last week by the Duck Chained that suspect Penelope Fillon at a job dummy, François Fillon came in to explain last Thursday on the set of TF1 that his “wife works for [him] since always, since 1981, since [his] first choice” and believes they are a victim of a real “coup attempt institutional”.


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