Friday, February 10, 2017

France created a record number of jobs since 2007, Le Figaro

The French economy has created 191.700 jobs by 2016, reports the Insee. A marked improvement, which mainly refers to the services and the acting.

The French economy has created, net, 191.700 positions in the merchant sector (1.2 per cent) in 2016, which is the best performance on the front private-sector employment since 2007, according to an estimate by the Insee published on Friday. This indicator mainly relates to the salaried positions of the non-agricultural private sector. This constitutes an acceleration of the employment market, after a year 2015 that had seen 99.000 posts to create. France had lost jobs during the previous three years.

“The turnaround of our economy is now fully confirmed: business support has enabled them to regain margins that allow them to invest in a dynamic way and creating jobs at a pace that we had not known for nine years,” said Myriam El Khomri, minister of Labour, in a press release on Friday.

The staff of the commercial sector have reached 16,16 million people by the end of 2016, a level unprecedented since the end of 2008. The year ended in style, with 62.200 creations net positions (+0.4 percent) in the fourth quarter. “These figures reflect a clear trend: our economy creates more jobs, more quickly. Our economic policy that needs continuity and time to produce concrete and sustainable results, the government will continue its efforts until the end of its mandate in order to consolidate the momentum observed,” said the minister.

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This estimate of the number of job creations is also superior to that of the increase of the active population in 2016 (+the 126,000 according to the Insee), which portend a decline in unemployment. Insee will communicate next Thursday its figures for unemployment at the end of 2016. On the quarter as year-on-year, the rally has been concerned with the services and the acting, while industry and construction have continued to destroy jobs. In 2016, the tertiary sector has created, out of acting, 151.300 positions (+1.4%) and temporary employment 69.300 positions (+11.8 per cent). With 654.100 positions, temporary employment has reached its highest level since early 2008. The sector is regarded as a precursor of trends in employment. As to the employment of the industry (-23.200, 0.7%) and construction (-5.700, -0,4%), it continued to deteriorate. These last two areas are permanently inundated. The plants have lost, in 15 years, nearly one million jobs, or a quarter of their workfo rce, while the building has lost more than 200,000 jobs since 2008. The hemorrhage was, however, almost to a standstill in the construction.

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