Sunday, February 5, 2017

The change of bank simplified mode of work – The Progress

to Change the bank will become more simple from Monday, thanks to the entry into force of the banking mobility, established by the act Macron, but the associations regretted that the procedure is not as easy as for telephony.

A simplified procedure and free

The mobility bank, this Monday, should allow each person to change his or her current account facility much more easily, and free of charge.

To complete the transaction, the client must sign a mandate with its new bank and provide their bank details. Load it then to prevent this change, all issuers of samples (mobile operator, internet access provider, energy supplier, tax office…) and recipients of transfers. The change of direct debit must be completed within a maximum period of twenty-two days.

savings accounts are however not affected.


Even if the exchange of information between the establishment of departure and that of arrival is automatic, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that its account is sufficiently funded in case he has issued cheques not yet debited, as it would, in the contrary case, of paying a penalty.

similarly, it is his responsibility to verify that issuers of sampling were taken into account the change of bank and to contact them if this is not the case before closing his original account.

The expected effects of the measure

They are difficult to measure. In a report submitted by the end of 2014 the government, Inès Mercerau, the former CEO of the online bank Boursorama, estimated at 4.5% the number of customers who change banks every year, a rate comparable to that found in the United Kingdom, for example.

The era of low interest rates, which has boosted the real estate credit, could change this situation, the banks intending to almost always as the client to whom they grant a loan residing its revenues in it.

on-line banks hope to take advantage of the opportunity to capture new customers and several of them have unsheathed promotional offers (80 € offered for the opening of an account for example). They also highlight their rates, presented as inferior to those of traditional banks.

According to a recent study by the consumer association CLCV on bank fees, a “small” consumer pays on average 71,49 € per year for his services to banking, an amount that falls 8,49 euros at an online bank. Similarly, a “wholesale” client”, which tend to have a lot of banking options, will pay on average 211,60 euros per year, but only 42,23 euros at an online bank.

reservations on the side of the consumer associations

Before the entry into force of the device, the consumer association UFC-que choisir has warned that it would be “vigilant about the gratuity and the quality of service offered”.

In his line of sight : the billing of charges incidents on an account clot or does not have sufficient funds in case of removal or presentation of a cheque.

She also indicated regret that this measure does not address the commitments of domiciliation of income when obtaining a real estate loan and said they would welcome the establishment of a system of portability of account, similar to that existing for the mobile phone.


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