Tuesday, February 7, 2017

VTC: end of the mediation, the proposal of Uber does-not-meet – The Express

The platform-american, in the viewfinder of the drivers of VTC (cars for transport with driver) after the price drop and the recovery of the commission it collects on the races, has assured on Tuesday that it would provide transitional assistance to drivers in trouble, granted under the control of designated drivers by their representative organizations.

This is a proposal that I deem satisfactory,” said the mediator appointed on 20 December by the government, Jacques Rapoport, during a press conference.

all of The situations should be treated, “by July“, and the ombudsman took the view that there would be “hundreds, or even thousands” of the event.

What it should be first, is to identify the drivers really in trouble“, he explained, stating that the drivers targeted would be those connected to at least 40 hours per week and earning less than 21 euros gross per hour.

This help will be “transient, the time” that each of these drivers “adapts its methods of work,” said Mr. Rapoport, and the powers will be “under the supervision of a committee composed of designated drivers by their representative organizations“.

This proposal should allow to professionalize these independent drivers, help in the management of their business.

No financial envelope is fixed, but Uber “committed to implement all the means necessary for drivers in trouble found a situation in +standard+,” said Mr. Rapoport.

Uber admits (and) that the policy that he has led has led to unsafe situations,” according to Mr. Rapoport.

- “the Beginning of social dialogue” –

however, The ombudsman recognized that this did not meet the demands of drivers, who have been seeking a fare increase and a reduction of the commission taken by Uber.

trade Unions and associations of drivers were greeted rather coldly the announcement.

For Jean-Luc Albert of the association Active-VTC, “the reasons for the conflict are not resolved. (…) Uber has the art of making to last things, to initiate fatigue“.

For Sayah Baaroun of the Unsa-VTC, at the peak of the mobilisation of drivers this winter, the proposal is a “smoking total” and “the mediation has not succeeded in its objective“, allow drivers to increase their income.

Yazid Sekhri (CFDT) has pointed out that there were “not good news for the moment, but it does not close the door to discussions“. In the state, “this is still vague, there is nothing new“.

A spokesperson for the platform in the us has indicated on the contrary that”Uber has responded favourably to the proposals of Mr. Rapoport“. “We are committed to a major effort by proposing to establish, in collaboration with the drivers, device financial, technical and human scale to accompany the drivers in difficulty to a better profitability,” according to Uber.

Jacques Rapoport announced that his “mediation ends today (Tuesday)” and that he would call his conclusions “tomorrow (Wednesday) to the government that would appreciate the result that it was appropriate to give“.

The mediation was to be completed by January 31, but was extended to consider a last minute offer of Uber, who had promised, “effort” in favour of the drivers VTC “struggling“.

For Jacques Rapoport, this mediation was opened “a beginning of social dialogue in a sector which suffers a lot of dialogue deficit“. The sticking point between Uber and the drivers persists, because the platform considers that the rates and commissions “(fall) of its business strategy“.

The mediatorrecommends to the government to have a legislative provision under the elbow” because “it should be that the legislator can intervene by setting a scale minimum” if needed.


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