Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Berlin: what we know of the investigation – BFMTV.COM

Night of horror in Berlin. A truck went on a Christmas market mowing down on his way by the crowd this Monday night in the city centre of the German capital. A tragic scene which is not without recalling the terrorist attack in Nice on the 14 July. According to the latest report, published Tuesday by the police in berlin, 12 people are dead, including the passengers Polish the truck, and fifty others were injured.

> What happened?

It was around 20 hours on Monday evening when a truck and its trailer were dark on the public to a Christmas market located in the heart of Berlin. In his mad dash, the 44 tonnes has knocked down barriers before roll on 60 to 80 meters.

The crowd was large for five days of festivities of the end of the year in this market frequented by the locals but also by tourists. It is located a few steps from the church of Remembrance, a memorial to the Second world war and the top tourist destination in the western part of the capital. The balance has increased over night. Tuesday, it was 12 dead and 48 wounded, including 18 in serious condition.

> The suspect arrested deny the facts

The driver fled immediately after the attack. Very quickly, the police of berlin has detained a suspect in two kilometers from the place of the attack. “We had a description of the driver who fled the scene, details a spokesperson of the police in berlin. Thanks to this description, a suspect has been arrested, now we will try to find if the arrested person is the driver of the truck.”

According to the German minister of the Interior, the suspect detained is an asylum seeker pakistani 23 years old. He arrived in Germany on December 31, 2015, was recorded and then reappeared in February 2015 in the German capital. The suspect denies the facts and the investigation is continuing, said the minister of the Interior.

> The police “not certain” that it is the driver of the truck

according To some German media outlets, including Die Welt, the man arrested is not the author of the attack. By mid-day Tuesday, the police said he is “not certain” that it is the driver of the truck. “It is actually not sure that this is the driver,” said the boss of the police of berlin, Klaus Kandt. According to the police, the perpetrator could be leaking.

A “passenger” in the truck was found dead inside the vehicle. It is a national Polish. He was killed by a bullet. It could be the driver’s official vehicle.

> Who is the driver?

the manager of The company that owns the truck, registered in Poland, would have recognized his truck but not the man who has been stopped and ensures that it is not his employee, who is missing. “We had no contact with him since this afternoon (Monday afternoon, editor’s note). I don’t know what happens to him. This is my cousin, I know him since childhood. I vouch for him”, said to AFP Ariel Zurawski.

the Polish television, the wife of the driver said not to have the news of her husband since Monday mid-day. The truck was scheduled to make a delivery in the middle of the day in Berlin, the delivery of which has never been realised.

> The thesis of the attack confirmed

The thesis of the attack is now confirmed by the German authorities and the chancellor Angela Merkel. The police quickly admitted that the truck was dark “intentionally” on the crowd. As of Monday evening, the minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, believed that there was “plenty of reasons” to think that this is a deliberate attack. The investigation has been turned over to the federal prosecutor’s office, competent in Germany for cases of terrorism, then the mode of operation is reminiscent of the techniques used by Daesh.


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