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Mcdonald’s is testing home delivery

Mcdonald’s is testing home delivery

Big bang in the universe of fast food. Mcdonald’s will be testing in the United States a home delivery service. According to the news site Business Insider, it will be possible, as early as January, to deliver a Big Mac and servings of fries at home. Charged 5 $ in addition to the menu, the service will be experienced by 200 restaurants in Florida.

To enjoy his double cheeseburger without leaving his couch, he can just order it on the mobile app UberEats platform of VTC, an ally of Mcdonald’s for this project, or via the McDelivery. Objective : to verify that the steeds of UberEats are able to deliver at home in ten minutes. “Uber would think about it also in the installation in the vaults of its sedans container heated and cooled,” says Bernard Boutboul, president of the firm Gira Conseil is specialised in the restoration.

Order from your mobile

in Addition to-Atlantic, Taco Bell has launched in the summer of 2015 an identical service. But, in case of success, the world number one in the industry could extend the service to its millions of customers across the globe. Mcdonalds would be based on the international deployment of its mobile app booking and online payment is already available in France.

The us giant is still, for the time, extremely discreet on the other countries which, tomorrow, could, in turn, access to its new service. France could be part of the lot ? Not sure. Certainly, signs French fast-food, such as Big Fernand and King Marcel offer home delivery. But “in the case of Mcdonalds, I doubt that it works in France,” says Bernard Boutboul. “The French would refuse to eat a hamburger or French fries with a cold, or just lukewarm. “

an increase in the range in france

moreover, ” except for the pizzas and sushi, the French are not fans of home delivery. At Speed …

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