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Bombing of Berlin : what we know and what we know – The World

The attack on a Christmas market, Monday, December 19, has for the moment done at least twelve dead, including a passenger in the truck, and at least 48 injured.

Map of the location of the attack in Berlin.

At least twelve people died in the attack on the Christmas market of the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, Monday, December 19. The authorities are still trying to determine precisely the identity of the author of the act, termed a terrorist attack by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel. The police still doubt of the involvement of a suspect arrested on Monday evening in the Tiergarten park, near the site of the attack.

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Shortly after 20 hours, a Monday, a truck of 38 tonnes of Scania brand has dark on the Christmas market of the Breitscheidplatz, a tourist area located to the west of the German capital. The driver of the truck drove over a sidewalk lined with cottages, where there were many people, he deliberately referred to while driving his vehicle.

The attack has been called on Tuesday by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the” a terrorist attack “ ; the police had estimated earlier that the driver had referred to ” purpose “ the crowd.

According to the images from news agencies and statements of the

The attack has for the moment done at least twelve dead, and at least 48 wounded. Six people, all of them German, have been identified among the dead. Eighteen of the forty-eight injured are in serious condition, said on Tuesday morning the minister of the German interior, Thomas De Maizière.

  • where was the truck ?

This is a truck belonging to a transport company from poland, which has no news of his driver since Monday. The German police think it was stolen. The lifeless body of the driver is Polish, was killed by a bullet, was found in the truck after the tragedy, said Mr de Maizière. But the weapon that was used to shoot it down, however, disappeared.

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  • The arrests have already taken place ?

Monday evening, at around 21: 30, the authorities arrested a person suspected of being the driver. The latter ” deny his involvement “, and the boss of the police of berlin, Klaus Kandt, said Tuesday that it was ” unclear “ that this asylum-seeker from Pakistan, 23-year-old is the driver.

” We probably have a dangerous criminal in nature and, of course, this is of concern to the population “, said the chief of police of berlin, Klaus Kandt, during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

analyses are underway to determine if the DNA of the man arrested matches the ” trace “ found in the truck. But the head of the federal prosecution service counter-terrorism, in charge of overseeing the investigation, Peter Frank, has left little doubt Tuesday on the outcome of the following : ” We need to prepare ourselves to the idea that the person challenged is not the author “ of the attack.

  • How many does he suspect ?

” We don’t know definitively if it is an author or several authors “, said the federal prosecutor, Peter Frank, at a press conference, adding that it should be ” wait a few more days to have more accurate results on this survey. “

  • What is the symbolic charge of the location referred to ?

Carry out this attack at the Christmas market on the Breitscheidplatz gave the driver, as was the case for the bombing in Nice, to make a maximum of victims. It is almost the equivalent of the Champs-Elysées of berlin, the Kurfürstendamm.

But the place is also loaded with symbolic meaning. Not far away was the KaDeWe, the department store symbolized the west in the heart of West Berlin during the cold war. And the attack occurred in front of the memorial church, which was almost completely destroyed during the second world war and left in a state as a symbol of the battered city.

  • What security measures have been taken in France ?

on Tuesday 20 December, the head of State, François Hollande, has assured that ” all instructions had already been given so that we can secure as much as possible, all places, and in particular the Christmas markets and other gathering “. The interior minister, Bruno Le Roux, had announced on Monday a strengthening of the military mobilization during the holiday season, on ” all places of assembly “ and more specifically ” the christian places of worship on December 24 and 25. “

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