Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The islamic State behind the bombing of Berlin, Le Figaro

The man arrested by police has been released. The suspects of the attack were still being sought Tuesday evening.

From our correspondent in Berlin

The first hours of the investigation have yielded no response. The day of Tuesday was even completed on a failure to the German authorities, or even an affront. Nearly 24 hours after the attack on the Christmas market of the Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, the group islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack via its propaganda agency Qama. The terrorists have not given any indication on the identity of the “fighter” responsible for the slaughter, as if to taunt the investigators, who had to admit in the end of the day will be misled at the beginning of their investigations. It was believed in fact the perpetrator of the crime, arrested on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

But over the course of the day, the authorities were first called to prudence, and then they said that the person stopped, a refugee of pakistani origin, “denied the crime”. “It may not be the driver”, was then warned Tuesday mid-day, the federal prosecutor Peter Frank. To 19 hours, he was released. The investigation was not able to conclude his involvement in the drama. “We probably have a dangerous criminal in nature,” conceded the chief of police of berlin Klaus Kandt in the day.

The authorities, who ensure that no stone unturned since the beginning, continued their investigations Tuesday evening in “all directions”. “It is necessary to let the security forces do their work. Person will not stop until the perpetrators have not been arrested,” assured the minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière in the evening.

Several people may be involved in the attack

Several people may be involved in the attack, as the also think the boss of the transport company of the Polish which had chartered the truck. Well, he had identified his cousin as the victim died by a bullet in the cab of the truck. “A single person would not have had because of him,” said Ariel Zurawski in describing the traces of the beatings on the body of the driver, who was 1.83 m and weighed 120 kg. The weapon of the crime, used presumably for the murder, had not been found late Tuesday. Information that is deemed “alarming” by the criminal police. On Tuesday, the police has advised the people of Berlin to remain “vigilant” and calling to witness. It has already received more than 500 messages.

The case had been entrusted to the anti-terrorist section” in the day. “The target and the modus operandi” to advocate for a terrorist attack, confirmed the federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe, Peter Frank, even before the claim of Daech. The truck murderer, who, as in Nice in July, dark in the crowd, has caused the death of 12 people and injured 48 others, including thirty seriously. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 14 people were still in a critical condition.

The attack occurred Monday evening around 20 hours in the district of Charlottenburg in the western part of the German capital. After you have probably made a watchtower, according to information of the German media, a heavy weight of 38 tonnes registered in Poland left the road and headed straight towards the huts of the Christmas market of the Breitscheidplatz, at the foot of the memorial church. The driver has “sought deliberately” to make the victims, confirmed the police. After you have sprayed huts and knocked down a Christmas tree, the truck came to rest at the end of 50 or 80 metres away, blocked by the furniture. No specific security prevented access to the sidewalk. For the German authorities, it is unfortunately impossible to secure all potential targets of terrorists.

Following the claim, in the early evening, the investigation has turned to race against the clock

Called at 20: 07, the fire department arrived on the scene within moments. The people hurt have been evacuated, the first aid have been brought to the victims. “130 firefighters have been mobilised,” said a spokesman in the night. The area has been cordoned off by the services of order, on the nerves. Once the work of the emergency services ended, the investigators have conducted the survey for clues on the spot.

on Tuesday, the German authorities were lucid to the extreme on the terrorist threat in Germany. “The risk is no higher today than in the past, said the chief of police of berlin Klaus Kandt. Yesterday, the threat was only realized.” The tone was chilling and the attitude of the investigators less than reassuring. Asked whether he would find himself on a Christmas market, the prosecutor Peter Frank replied with frankness: “For (serenity of) my relatives, I will personally not on a Christmas market.” So far, he has recommended to his fellow citizens not to give up their way of life: “The goal of terrorism is to change our societies, and that they give up their freedom.” After the claim, in the early evening, the investigation has turned to race against the clock, to prevent that the terrorists will strike again. Authorities warn of possible new attacks.


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