Thursday, December 22, 2016

Nokia revives the war of the patents of smartphones –

Nokia announced on Wednesday have filed a complaint against Apple, the oem telecom finland, accusing the giant e-american violation of 32 technology patents and responding to the initiatives taken on the eve by the manufacturer of the iPhone by the ex-number one of the mobile phones.

Tuesday, the manufacturer of the iPhone and iPad had filed a complaint against Acacia Research and against Conversant Intellectual Property Management, accusing the two companies of colluding with Nokia in order to extract unfairly income exorbitant.

The actions of Nokia, filed in the German courts in Düsseldorf, Mannheim and Munich and with a court in Texas, focuses on patents relating to screens, user interfaces, software, antennas, chips and video encoding. Apple, Acacia, and Conversing did not respond to immediate request for comment. No one was available at Nokia to respond to the legal action of Apple.

The “war of the patents of smartphones” revived

By attacking in justice, the two groups appear to revive the “war of the patents of smartphones,” which began five years ago, when Apple brought a series of complaints for patent infringement against Samsung Electronics around the world. Nokia, which at one time was the number one undisputed world of mobile phones, has missed the turn smartphones initiated by Apple and its iPhone in 2007.

The Finnish company has sold its business to mobile phones to Microsoft two years ago, essentially becoming a supplier to telecoms and a holder of many patents in the mobile technologies.

But mobile phones signed Nokia should make their return to the market next year thanks to an agreement between the Finnish group and a small company founded by several of its former executives. This company, HMD Global, also Finnish, was taken over officially on Thursday, the activity of entry-level phones of Nokia sold to Microsoft but abandoned by the latter.

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