Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The richest of the planet have earned 237 billion in 2016, Le Figaro

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are those who have earned the most this year, according to the ranking done by Bloomberg. Bernard Arnault arrives in fifth position.

The year 2016 will be better able to the richest in the world as of 2015. In spite of the many upheavals that have animated – the Brexit, the referendum in Italy, and the election of Donald Trump… the 500 richest people in the world have earned 237 billion in total in 2016, according to Bloomberg, thanks to the rebound in the equity markets in the United States. The Dow Jones Industrial gained nearly 14% in 2016, after the beginning of the year chaotic, and the S&P 500 near 12%. Alone, the 500 richest held on December 27, last 4 $ 400 billion, or 5.7% more than a year ago.

This is the billionaire Warren Buffet, who has won the big one, with $ 11.8 billion of additional gains in 2016. These gains, boosted by the election of Donald Trump to the 8 November last, bear the wealth of Warren Buffett to 74.1 billion dollars. It ranks second in the charts Bloomberg the richest people in the world, dethroning the founder of Zara, the Spanish Amancio Ortega, who came 3rd position this year.

the richest man of the planet remains Bill Gates. His fortune amounted to 91.5 billion, or a little less than 10 billion more than last year. The euphoria of the equity markets in the u.s. since the election of the republican candidate explained that four of the five billionaires who have registered the most significant gains in 2016, are american, the fifth one being… French. Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, has won nearly $ 7 billion more this year, bringing his fortune to 38.9 billion dollars.

Overall, the energy sector and in raw materials was strong this year, due to the rise in prices recorded in recent months, follow-up of new technologies. The oil magnate Harold Hamm is the 3rd billionaire to have earned in 2016 the largest sum, followed by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. In total, 55 millionaires in the sector of new technologies have added $ 50 billion to their fortune. Among them, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, Larry Elisson, Oracle, or Larry Page, creator of Google.

If the billionaires americans have taken advantage of the election of Donald Trump and are among those who have gained the most in 2016, the fortunes of emerging countries, are overrepresented among the losers. Nine of the ten billionaires who have lost the most money this year are not americans. The first is Chinese, Wang Jianlin, the head of the second fortune, the most important of his country (30.6 billion). In total, the billionaires, the chinese have lost $ 11 billion in 2016, a first since the creation of this ranking by Bloomberg.


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