Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas is not complete as some sell already their gifts – The World

On the site PriceMinister, about 500 000 objects have been put on sale between Saturday evening and Sunday noon.

On PriceMinister, 40 % of the ads have been published from a mobile phone or a tablet.

The log ice had not even had time to melt away as thousands of disappointed were already in the process of selling their present on the Web. The Prix Goncourt in duplicate, video games, or perfumes, the French have fewer cases of conscience to sell their Christmas gifts on the web, according to sites private sale.

On the site PriceMinister, about 500 000 objects have been put on sale in a few hours between Saturday night and midday Sunday, said Fabien Versavau, the director-general. the ” It is a good start, there is a growth of about 10% to 15% of ads compared to last year “, welcomed Mr. Versavau, who looks around ” $ 3.5 million gift “ sold on the platforms of PriceMinister until mid-January.

At eBay France, the same trend, with approximately 100,000 ads are published between Saturday midnight and Sunday in the late morning. the ” It is about 10 to 20 % of the ads in a weekend, normal “, for its part, explained Leyla Guilany-Lyard, a spokesman for eBay France.

The trend is similar on the competitors website The Right Corner with ” 10 % and 20 % of deposits in addition in certain categories, “, according to Anne Quemin, communications director of the platform for online sales.

The sex toys, a ” flop “

Since the turn of the year, on PriceMinister, 40 % of the ads have been published from a mobile phone or a tablet. the ” Before the democratization of smartphones, it was a bit tedious. For the last three or four years, with the application to sell eBay, in less than three minutes the ad was online. It is fast, why wait ? “ comments Mme Guilany-Lyard eBay.

” The French say that this is going to be fun to someone else, or they will use this small win to fix the errors, have fun. They have less scruples to sell their gifts “, indicates Anne Quemin.

At the head of the ads, ” the best-sellers of Christmas, all the items that we offer when we don’t know very well the people. The Goncourt prize, the DVD, perfumes and video games, gifts that are a pleasure, but that it has received dual “, explains the spokesperson of eBay.

not to mention the present that are downright ” flops “ she says. the ” Lingerie, socks, pajamas “, and even ” adult games as sex-toys “.

Still a ” taboo “

It must be said that the French seem, in terms of gifts, more demanding. According to a study eBay-TNS Sofres, 39% believe have received a gift unwanted by 2015, up from 22% in 2011. And when they are disappointed or that they have received a duplicate object, the half claims to have already sold a present or planned to do, according to a survey OpinionWay for PriceMinister, published on Thursday 22 December.

18-34 year olds are the ones who have the least scruples to make the leap, explains Fabien Versavau. On the other hand, the resale remains, according to him, even “ taboo “. “The people that say they have sold do not wish this to be known by the person who has offered the gift “, ” he said.


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