Friday, December 23, 2016

The work on the Sunday for 18% of the employees – The Echoes

The French are in majority favourable to the work on Sunday, but they are very little to apply it. In 2015, 18% of employees, representing 4.2 million, have worked at least one Sunday per month, and this work was often associated with that of Saturday and late hours, according to data from the ministry of Labour published on Friday.

on average over the year of 2015, 21% of all employed (18% of employees, 37% of non-employees, or 5.3 million people) worked at least one Sunday per month, at their place of work, at home or elsewhere. 12% of employees have worked for at least two Sundays.

strong disparities between sectors

The employees are the most concerned (24%), “in particular because of their place in the activities of the service, provided in part that day,” says the Dares. The propensity to work on Sunday is higher among women (19.4 per cent compared to 17.6% among men) and youth (21%), details the investigation of the Dares .

The occupations safety and health are the first concerned: 46% of employees in the field of health work at least one Sunday per month, and 31% at least twice per month to ensure the permanence of care.

then Come the professions ensuring “the continuity of social life”: 32% of employees in the hotel, catering, transportation, trade, culture or leisure work on Sunday. In the trade, where 17% of employees work on Sunday, bakers and pastry chefs are the most popular.

The study stresses that the Sunday work more often goes hand in hand with that of Saturday (for 92% of employees working on Sunday), and with late hours or variable from one week to the other.

Source AFP


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