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Attack on Berlin : an act “intentional” according to the police – The World

the driver of The truck was arrested, and a passenger, who was found dead, identified. Twelve people were killed and 48 wounded are to be deplored.

The windshield exploded of the truck that rammed into the crowd at Berlin, on 19 December.

At least twelve people died on Monday 19 December in the evening, after a truck rammed into the crowd of a Christmas market on the Breitscheidplatz in front of the memorial church, to the west of the city centre of the German capital, Berlin, has reported to the police in berlin on Twitter. There are also at least forty-eight wounded. According to police, the driver was referred to ” purpose “ the crowd.

The German minister of the interior, Thomas de Maizière, said on the night of Monday to Tuesday, that there was ” a lot of reasons, “ to think that the driver of the truck had committed a bombing.

” I don’t want to yet, for the time being, to pronounce the word attack“, even if a lot of reasons to suggest “, said Mr de Maizière to the antenna of the public channel ZDF. the ” A suspect has been arrested and there are a lot of reasons to think that it is the driver “ of the truck that rammed into the crowd about 60 to 80 metres, the minister said conservative. the ” The investigation will determine the rest “, he said.

the driver of The truck drove over the sidewalk of the market where there were onlookers in a neighborhood popular of Berlin, according to a spokesman of the police. A street has been transformed into a hospital, open to the sky, according to the Tagesspiegel.

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  • Two people in the truck

The police in berlin announced that there were two people in the truck. The passenger died on the spot. the ” The man found in the truck is a Polish citizen “, police said on its Twitter account. A second person suspected of being the driver, was arrested at around 21: 30.

police blocked access to the square and in the vicinity of the memorial church to care for and evacuate the wounded. Facebook has also activated in the evening the safety check that allows internet users, on the occasion of an attack, inform their friends that they are safe. On their Twitter account, the forces of law and order in the capital have called on the Berlin ” to stay home and not spread rumours “. They have also requested for ” respect the privacy of the victims “ and their families by not broadcasting images on social networks.

The Christmas market is located on Breitscheidplatz in front of the memorial church, to the west of the city centre of Berlin.
  • ” A strange silence “

On the website of the German daily Berliner Morgenpost, a journalist arrived shortly after the truck was dark in the crowd says that a ” strange silence “ was hovering over the place enclosed by a red and white ribbon, while the injured enlaçaient, crying, or kissing.

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A blonde woman who could, in turn, barely speak between two sobs, said : ” there was this loud bang. Then someone pulled me by the arm and I heard the cries. Right next to me, someone fell to the ground and I started to run. “

An old man explained, still in the Berliner Morgenpost, that he saw the truck move forward deliberately on the place, lights switched off, and then heard of the ” boum-boum “, ” and the hysterical screams “.

  • A truck registered in Poland

The truck that was dark in the crowd is registered in Poland. It belongs to a Polish company, including the boss, Ariel Zurawski, who was interviewed by the local media, explained that the vehicle had just returned from Italy and had to deposit his load in Berlin, before returning to Poland. the ” The person who is out of the truck is not my driver “, said Mr. Zurawski in the media.

The owner had entrusted his truck to his cousin. the ” there was no contact with him since this afternoon. I don’t know what happens to him. This is my cousin, I know him since childhood. I vouch for him “, said Ariel Zurawski, reached by telephone by the Agence France-Presse. The owner has ensured that his cousin was to discharge its cargo in Berlin, but that the discharge had not occurred.

  • Angela Merkel “in mourning”

German chancellor Angela Merkel is ” in mourning “, announced her spokesman, Steffen Seibert. the ” We are in mourning and hope that the many casualties will be able to receive help “, he continued. The president of the federal Republic of germany, Joachim Gauck, said that he was ” distraught “ : ” This is an evening terrible to Berlin and our country. “It’s very impressive, shocking, because we always had the hope that Berlin doesn’t have to live this situation “, said the mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller.

the minister of justice, Heiko Maas, has announced that the investigation has been entrusted to the federal prosecutor, who is competent in Germany for cases of terrorism.

the president of the Republic, François Hollande, has informed in the evening that ” the French share in the grief of the Germans in the face of this tragedy, which affects all Europe “. The interior minister Bruno Le Roux has announced that the safety of the Christmas markets ” was immediately strengthened “. For their part, the United States condemned what ” seems to be a terrorist attack “. As for the president-elect, Donald Trump, he denounced the ” islamic terrorists “ attack ” continuously the christians within their communities and places of worship.”

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