Monday, December 26, 2016

VTC: drivers extend the truce until “early January” – Clicanoo

The drivers of VTC does not plan to resume their protest movement against the booking platform Uber before “in the beginning of January,” said their representatives on Monday to AFP.

The organizations of drivers (Unsa, Capa-VTC, Active-VTC) has held since December 15, blockages and demonstrations in the paris region, had announced on December 23, a “truce of the confectioners” at Christmas, prior to a possible resumption on Tuesday.

But “for now, we will stay in a quiet, family”, a variety of stakeholders (government, platforms) and many of the drivers being on leave, said Sayah Baaroun, secretary-general of the Unsa SCP-VTC.

“Better to be out in early January to many, rather than 200 or 300 now while everything is closed”, he added, stating that there was “no official meeting” scheduled with the authorities by the end of the year.

“We remobilise the troops” in order to return to the offensive “in early January” if needed, also Helmi Mamlouk, president of the association Capa-VTC.

The movement can be revived “after the holidays” to the end of the year but “we maintain the boycott of the application Uber” between time, ” said Jean-Luc Albert of the association Active-VTC.

from The 15th to the 23rd of December, hundreds of drivers had been involved in filter blocks and operations snail on the outskirts of paris airports of Orly and Roissy, as well as rallies in Paris. The CFDT called at the same time to disconnect “massively” platform Uber.

The protesters accuse the us company, leader in the market of cars of transport with driver (VTC), to impose conditions of work “unworthy” with a minimum price of the race down to six euros. They are also calling for a right of scrutiny on the practices deemed “abusive” disconnection which may deprive them of access to the platform, often as the result of negative comments from a client.

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