Thursday, December 22, 2016

The first mile of road, solar world, which opened in Normandy – Le Figaro

This Thursday, Ségolène Royal made it to the Normandy, Tourouvre-au-Perche, for the opening of a stretch of road solar. A technological innovation and environmental world that has a price: five million euro.

The minister of the Environment Ségolène Royal was inaugurated on Thursday in the first kilometer of the road the sun in France, in a commune of the Orne, Tourouvre-au-Perche. It has announced its intention to deploy this technology elsewhere on the national road network. A feat of energy for the first time in the world, but the cost of which, five million euros, does not consider its generalization.

Funded by the State and designed by the companies Wattway and CEAT Tech, the work of this mile slab photovoltaics have been launched in October on a portion of a path of the département of Normandy. Tourouvre-au-Perche is far from being the most common of sunny France, but it is located near to the manufacturing plant. This allows the engineers to be close to the site of experimentation and to monitor possible complications, for example due to adverse weather. The prototype will be observed for two years in order to ensure that the coating adequately protects the photovoltaic cells and the weight of cars, while providing a grip to the wheels of the vehicle sufficient.

work néneedé an investment of 5 million euros and l'État.

The works have involved an investment of 5 million euros from the State. photo Credits :

on The side of the Syndicate of Renewable Energies (ENR), one recognizes the risk-taking, but there are questions about the disadvantages of these tiles solar: “What is the potential cost reduction? What is their life span? How much energy is produced?” asks Jean-Louis Bal, president of the Union. Because the panels are flat and produce less electricity than panels tilted, for example, present on the roofs of the houses. To answer the skeptics, Wattway claims to be able to provide by 2020 an energy at the same cost as the price of the traditional solar, which is 1.3 € per watt-peak, compared to 17 euros currently.

above all, the company hopes to conquer markets abroad, and in Africa in particular. As the accurate Jean-Louis Prom, “if this road sun keeps its promise, the african continent will be of course, a market of the future. 600 million people do not have electricity, while Africa has experienced a strong rate of sunshine.” A desire to develop green energy that reaches the actions of the minister of the Environment. This last, with its cap of president of the Cop 21, was also rewarded Wattway duTrophée Solutions Climate in December 2015.


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