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New Year’s eve: Paris a little more to the party in 2015 – The Point

The New Year’s eve looks under the best auspices that, in 2015, where Paris was still under the shock of the attacks, foreign tourists as French customers appear to have found the way of restaurants and the heart of the festivities.

fireworks cancelled, Champs Elysees, just opened to the public, the collapse of reservations: the traditional glories of the 31 December in the French capital had been sealed last year from the balance sheet murderer (130 deaths) attacks of November 13, carried out on terraces in paris, at the Bataclan and the stade de France.

The transition to 2017 is expected to be more festive: in addition to a large sound and light show on “the most beautiful avenue in the world”, restaurants, hotels and other places of celebration have already chalked up bookings rather promising for the new year’s eve – even if all have not yet recovered to the pre-attacks of 2014.

“The eve of the 31st is shaping up very well, it is rather encouraging, and the people have responded. Our two restaurants are nearly full, and side of hotel, it is around 90% occupancy, it is better than last year”, summed up in the beginning of the week to the AFP the director general of the palace the Plaza Athénée, François Delahaye.

A trend confirmed by the leading professional organization of hotel-restaurant business, Umih, who announces to Paris a “good state of the reservations for new year’s eve compared to 2015, as well as for the hospitality that the restoration”.

on the side Of the famous Moulin Rouge, which offers a dinner and show range between 380 and 1,000 euros for the last night of the year and can accommodate approximately 750 people, it saves “a lot more bookings in 2015, which had been low because of the bombings”, and it “is almost at the level of 2014 was an excellent year”.

- “Want to have fun” -

On the Seine also, the dinner cruise again draws for new year’s eve: Sodexo Sports and Leisure (which owns 65% of the vessels navigating on the river) announces for the Bateaux Parisiens in December, “a reboot positive, with attendance and revenue up to 2015, without, however, regaining for the moment the level of 2014″.

If the French customers were once again the envy of réveillonner, foreign tourists are also back: bookings for international flights bound for Paris show “an increase of 4.1% over 2015, but still 11% below the 2014 level” – for stays of five nights including December 31, – tells the AFP Olivier Jager, ceo of the specialized firm Forwardkeys.

On the basis of the daily analysis of 16 million transactions airlines in the world, this company says that “the good news is that the u.s. market seems to be resuming, with bookings currently up 9.1% compared to 2015 and +0.3% compared to 2014″, he said.

At Jac Travel, “wholesaler” for the british hotel industry that manages more than 500,000 room nights a year in Paris, its regional manager Marietta Fox shows the same record “a 60% increase on a year-on-year bookings for new year’s eve” in the French capital, but only through an”attractive offers and exclusive” for the parisian market as a whole is still struggling to recover.

And if “theoretically” the new year’s eve is an exciting time for professionals, “there are a lot of parameters that can come into account, and this till the last moment. It may be that what happened in Berlin may revive some fears, or not”, says Bernard Boutboul, director of the firm Gira Conseil.

“But what is certain, he says, is that the French want to relax, have fun, and also to stop to tighten the belt”.

28/12/2016 08:08:28 – Paris (AFP) – © 2016 AFP


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